British Tourist Accuses 3 of Molesting Her in Luxor Temple

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Re: British Tourist Accuses 3 of Molesting Her in Luxor Temp

Post by Zooropa »

Yildez wrote:Mmm, difficult. If a European man put his arm round me for a photo I'd think nothing of it. It is perfectly acceptable, and without a sub text of sexual permission. In Egypt or Turkey - absolutely no way would I allow a man, who was not family, to even touch my arm. Physical contact carries a message of sexual availability - like it or not, that's the mindset.

I'm generally on my own when I visit the antiquities, and am often approached to have my photo taken with Egyptians. With women/girls, arms around each other is no problem, but with men - usually young men - I don't allow any contact. Even so I'm sure they tell their friends lurid tales about the foreign woman they met, " and I have a photo of her to prove it!!"
A very well put post Yildez.

I would add that my understanding is its inappropriate to approach a woman who you don't know especially with a view to striking up any kind of relationship.

So if they followed their custom in this regard then these "misunderstandings" would not occur in the first place.

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Re: British Tourist Accuses 3 of Molesting Her in Luxor Temp

Post by Dusak »

[=''Zooropa'']If I am ever lucky enough in the future to have a woman put their arm around me it would take a good deal more than just that to give me the impression that id been given the keys to the door, so to speak.[/quote]

:tk Mmmm, I seem to recall an attractive lady doing just that, punctuated with a kissy kissy on both cheeks. She will be glad about the keys bit. :lol:
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