My holiday.

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Re: My holiday.

Post by Scottishtourist »

Dusak wrote:Personally speaking, I do not think that you have to be in ''the profession'' if European to understand the concept of sterilization or cleanliness practices. As young as I can remember I was being shown how to wash my hands after using the loo, before I had food, also to wash the knives, forks and dishes with hot water and whatever cleaning agent was used then to kill the germs. Not rinse them in just cold water and wipe with an over used tea towel or cloth as is par for the course in many households here. They do not have the money to buy the likes of Fairy liquid. I would expect anyone here in the public/private sector of medical care to be fully aware of good hygiene as it would of been covered within their first days of training. So in this case, I do not think a 'pat on the back' is warranted.
Oh,but it is Dusak!(the pat on the back)
Soap and hot water costs virtually nothing!
There is little need for fancy liquids and potions.

When I had my first baby,he was breast-fed.There was no special solution to keep the breast "sterile."Just a bath in hot water and a wash with cheap soap.It was all that was needed.
He went onto "the bottle"at 8weeks old.I didn't have the money for specilised sterilization buckets and what not.
So the bottles and teats were boiled in a large pot.

The boiling took their toll on them I must admit! was effective,cheap,and am happy to say that no child of mine ever succumbed to tummy upsets when using this method.

As I've said,it's such a simple procedure..but one that can make all the difference.

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Re: My holiday.

Post by Glyphdoctor »

Oh, it may seem like common sense but in a hospital you would be surprised the level of detail that goes into best hygienic practices.

A few years ago I was responsible for coordinating the compiling, editing and translation of a 4000-page bid package for a (successful) proposal to build and operate two hospitals for Alexandria University. The operate part consisted everything other than clinical care, including cleaning services. The section on how the cleaning staff would clean a hospital toilet properly involved 17 distinct steps, including very detailed instructions on how to polish the handle you use to flush the toilet.

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