Thebes Hotel.

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Re: Thebes Hotel.

Post by Who2 »

Quote: 'I know I've written this before on here but, for those who will attend this lecture at The Marsam, in the open courtyard there is a gate facing towards The Colossi during the Nile flood before the days of the High Dam, it was possible to cast a rod and catch fish from this very position.
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Re: Thebes Hotel.

Post by A-Four »

The term thank you never really enters most people's thoughts on this forum for any info or help given to members, but I am more than grateful for the photograph you have supplied here my dear Dr. It finally proves what my grandfather told me when I first visited Egypt. Most of the remaining members of the Rassul family never believed me when I told them of this when they were still part of the staff there.

I have a very old photograph of Howard Carter on horseback outside on the west side of this building, I understand it was not a hotel at that time.

Once again, thank you.


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Re: Thebes Hotel.

Post by BBLUX »

Referring to last Thursdays lecture at the Marsam, on the Marsam. Did anyone go any feedback on the evening?

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Re: Thebes Hotel.

Post by FABlux »

Walked up to the Thebes lunch time & got a bit of unexpected exercise as the lift was temporarily out of action :( I'm sure it won't be for long but if anybody has a problem with stairs in the next day or so it might be worth checking before going. Can't help feeling for the poor staff who are getting an extra work out, once up was bad enough but repeatedly up and down serving must be a nightmare!

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Re: Thebes Hotel.

Post by carrie »

It's working again now.

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