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Post by newcastle »

September 2017 news....but worth remembering amidst the propaganda that Assad is the "democratically" elected president of a sovereign state under siege by US, UK & others, contrary to international law. The failure of the West to act decisively, and Russia's subsequent arrival on the scene, makes it look increasingly likely, post the defeat of sundry rebel groups and ISIS, that Assad will ride out the war and emerge victorious and continue as ruler of Syria. They're welcome to him......and will, no doubt, continue to "democratically" re-elect him every so often.

United Nations war crimes investigators have formally blamed the Syrian government for a sarin attack on the town of Khan Sheikhun in April that killed at least 83 people and wounded almost 300 more.

The international commission of inquiry on Syria, which is run by the UN, said it had compiled extensive evidence that the Syrian air force had carried out an airstrike that released the nerve agent. It dismissed claims by Damascus and Moscow that the carnage was the result of a bomb striking an opposition chemical weapons depot on the outskirts of the northern town as “fabricated” ... n-confirms

Syria's ally, Russia, is not a current member of UNHRC. It was rejected in 2016 :

It was the first time one of the permanent five members of the security council had failed to get elected to the HRC since its formation a decade ago, and followed a campaign by human rights groups opposing Russian membership because of its role in the bombing of Syrian cities, eastern Aleppo in particular.

“They bomb a hospital one day, they run for the Human Rights Council the next. And they wonder why they missed the cut,” a western diplomat said. ... ts-council

Whether the Report is formally adopted by UNHRC remains to be seen. It has some curious constituents in the world of Human Rights - Egypt and Saudi Arabia for example.

It probably won't result in any further action by an increasingly moribund United Nations. Russia's presence as a veto-wielding member of the Security Council will see to that.

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Re: Syria

Post by Major Thom »

I see the UK is giving 10,000,000 Pounds to aid the rebuilding of hospitals in Raqqa that were ruined by ISIS and used as torture outlets.
To be honest there are a few dictators that were democratically elected under false pretenses, and some were even elected for spouting rubbish they cannot get through Parliament.
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