Credulous Citizens.

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Credulous Citizens.

Post by Hafiz »


If you are credulous you believe the vote 90% for the infallible national savior on a 40% turnout (only a fraction more than the deplorable turnout last time he wanted people to like him).

Wait for the amendment to the constitution to allow him to do a Mugabe – but elements in the military ruling group may not like that coming from someone who impressed no one when he ‘served’ his nation and had limited potential as judged by his superiors. His worse than ordinary vote might make changing the constitution difficult.

My math’s tells me that he got 36% of total registered voters. Not a majority. Well short of a majority. Some would say that given the squandering of taxpayers money to win votes/'conduct' his campaign, the absolute bias of all local media, the locking up of all contenders and the idiot stooge who stood against him and who got 10%, the stuffing of ballot boxes, the dodgy judges 'managing' the election, the deliberately inflamed local security situation to make people feel anxious - it was a bad result or at least not strong support for his success over 4 years. He should have done a lot better.

If he had not done all these awful things his vote could have been very bad - but truthful.

We should be thankful it wasn’t a Russian result – 140% voted for the winner on a 160% turnout although there are a lot of staff in the Egyptian Treasury and Central Bank whose maths is no better than that. ... ntial.aspx

Bawdy House stuffing such as occurred in Russia a few weeks ago were probably not necessary because the 12 judges and 40,000 staff running the election knew exactly what to do and no one complained as they used wheelbarrows to fill the vote box.The Russian crookery.

Its an interesting comment on the Electoral Authority that they report not the slightest small difficulty in all those votes at 10’s of thousands of voting stations. It was a perfect vote with not even a light bulb blowing. Did no one scrawl their vote with obscenities.

They give no figures for informal votes – does that mean a world first for Egypt with 100% formal votes or is someone lying?

What they didn’t mention was the abandonment of the practice of several lifetimes – voting booths that gave the voter privacy to make their vote. I guess that in the current society privacy is a threat to national security.

Reuters that knows the difference between truth and lies says poor/some poor people didn’t vote/voted less. ... NKBN1H3167 They will be the next for a BBC outing.

Even the Kenyan media says it was a farce. ... w_c1736777

The Israel media describes the election as a comedy – tearful. ... aspx/21906

The Irish media thinks the environment, and the election, unfree and unjust. ... -1.3440784

The Indian media is either bawdy or poisonous although the Times of India gives a thoughtful but excoriating opinion. ... 22984.html .But they are democrats.

A deal of the whole world think it a joke – albeit a sad one.

Where are those great Luxor female ‘patriots’ draped in the flag with oiled zimmer frames. Why have they been so quiet for 3/4 years when they used to extol the world’s greatest leader? Doesn’t the local dementia hospice have day leave to let them out?

Meanwhile, and 'unrelated', a former US congressman is on corruption charges and involved officials from the Egyptian Defense Ministry in this corruption. Will try and get the transcript to get the Egyptian names. My God corrupt Egyptian Defense staff – really!. ... 786279.php

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