Sport With Mass Murderers.

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Sport With Mass Murderers.

Post by Hafiz »

The chap on the right is a murderous Muslim warlord, Kadyrov, who ‘controls’ Chechnya. More gangster than war lord he wants women kept in the home and homosexuals rounded up in a concentration camp and tortured, supports honor killings – of women, and mandatory polygamy. Unusually he supports the extrajudicial killing of gay men – by their families. Political opponents are assassinated, Facebook have cancelled him and he posted porn videos of himself and two men and three prostitutes masturbating and having sex. He is publically a very devout Muslim – who likes lots of killing and corruption on the side. His father was a mufti that also liked lots of killing whilst the local muftis don’t criticize their religious, murderous leaders.

Putin likes and supports him and has announced there is absolutely no truth in any allegations (both past, present and future) and had appointed him to high Russian policy and power institutions.

The US has sanctioned him for his extreme brutality and corruption. The UK and EU see no problem with him and he can travel there freely and do London banking and Mayfair house purchase.

He is a mate of Putin’s (Putin used the Russian army to put his father in power) and Kadyrov attended a wedding a few years ago along with an observant and witty US diplomat who wrote to Washington of the blood fest. This was leaked via Wiki leaks and is a riotous read of the animal like coarseness of Putin’s friends. The author is a brilliant writer.
Kadyrov’s killings – a small part ... iolations/ the Wiki cable

For his birthdays he uses taxpayers money to pay stars (maybe porn stars) to attend - Jean-Claude Van Damme and actress Hilary Swank are part of a long list of people who will do anything for money.

The chap on the left is Salah, Egypt’s best soccer player. The photo is taken in blood soaked Grozny which is the fiefdom of the murderer/war criminal/fool.


Salah believes he has been used for political purposes. Really. Isn’t he Egyptian? He wants out. Good on him – lets hope he isn’t run over on a bridge over the Neva by a car that can never be found – it happens often to people who cause trouble and its usually a Range Rover. Alternatively the Egyptian Security Service could do what they do best – threaten to break his legs on his return to Mother Egypt. Or actually break them.

They could also do what they did to that other outspoken Egyptian football player, Aboutrika, put him on the terrorist list and seize all his assets. At the very best there was little/no evidence of his indirect association with people – never proof of plots or terror. Its ruined that chap’s life except, like all the others on Sisi’s terrorist list, hardly a single country in the world believes the list or treats those on it as terrorists. I wonder who gets the seized assets?

Of course the Salah’s complaints about meeting with a killer are all a pack of western lies – probably Jewish pervert lies - according to those people of high integrity the Egyptian Supreme Socerroos. In Cairo their Supremacies or are on ‘top’ of the truth happening 3,000k’s away and don’t even need to speak with Salah to know that. I think Salah should hire a bodyguard with a gun. The killer Kadyrov claims the western reports that the Egyptian was revolted by him are false and ‘an unprincipled lie’. I guess this hero of Islam knows a deal about principled truths. ... SKBN1JM223

If I were Salah I would never return to Egypt. Once you open your mouth or defy your President you never go back.

The decision to use Grozny for soccer training, an unstable toilet in the middle of nowhere, would have been taken by Putin or Sisi or a level or so below them with the purpose of showing Putin’s achievement in relation to the suppression of a Muslim terrorist movement and that he, and Russia, like good Muslims. There would be no other reason for going there – other than wanting to die. The security risks of going there are large but ‘paid for’ with the prospective PR benefits.

As is usual in Russia and Egypt they mucked up the intended PR big time. In this case a person with a brain realized they were being used as a puppet dangling in a dirty hole. Being photographed with a war criminal is never good PR – although Sisi has been photographed with the Sudanese war criminal and the head of the Egyptian Army with the Libyan war criminal so maybe getting close to killers is an Egyptian fetish.

Putin won’t be happy and if Putin’s not happy them his new slave, debtor ($US40 billion that we know of) and servant, Sisi, won’t be happy. On the other hand Putin and Egypt are quite happy with the blood soaked Kadyrov.

Image ... story.html

For a place of horror Chechnya has produced a superb (winner in Venice and nominated in Cannes) film satire about its 20 years of blood. House of Fools.

The Betrayed is a doco of the madness and chaos in the 1st War.

It was a war so incompetently handled, so bloody and so expensive that the only people proud of it would be the Egyptian Armed Forces.

The Russian tradition is to always conceal the truth about their crimes. A Russian film, Ordered to Forget, is banned in Russia because it tells the truth of Stalin’s dreadful internal deportation of the Chechyn’s and others – tens of millions all up – that’s something Sisi could consider. They also banned a film that told the truth about what Stalin did to the Muslim Tartar’s – maybe that should be banned in Egypt. As Putin becomes more and more like Stalin satirical films are blossoming in Russia. ... 22436.html

Egypt did more than you think in monitoring its people and we have only started to break open the cemented in Egyptian archive. For example: “The paranoid Nasser was said to have deployed his secret police to collect the jokes made up about him and his iron-fisted leadership, just as the KGB anxiously monitored the fabled kitchen-table anecdotes about its gerontocratic leadership to really understand what was happening in the latter days of the Soviet Union.” His killings of the tens of thousands of Brothers (maybe) he imprisoned in the desert is a story that hasn’t started. ... ont-die-2/

The truth on Chechnya is also concealed with murder. The distinguished Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya was murdered in Moscow in 2006, but not by the Range Rover technique but via the other one, mafia shot in the lift in her apartment block. She had covered the hopelessly managed and bloody Chechen war and the immense corruption.

A Russian lawyer and another Russian journalist who were involved with Anna were murdered in a Moscow street around the same time.

A female human rights activist active in Grozny, the site of the Egyptian soccer PR stunt, and connected to Anna’s expose was also murdered at this time.

There were fiasco trials, as always, and at one stage the state accused the billionaire and UK resident Boris Berezovsky of being the murderer. Only al Ahram could think that one up. 3 things are certain. The stooges jailed are not the big players – they may not even be the actual murderers. The big players are probably the KGB and high persons in the Kremlin. The police know not to find the big players.

There is a tutorial in this for the Egyptian police and 10 x security services.

Here is Anna’s photograph:


She loathed and feared Putin – the new best friend of friendless Egypt.

Egypt has helped this killer before. 18 months ago the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar; Ahmed el-Tayeb, Grand Mufti of Egypt; Shawki Allam, ex-Grand Mufti of Egypt; Ali Gomaa, Usama al-Azhari who is the religious adviser to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi; together with other Muslim leaders assembled, at the mad murderer’s invitation, in Grozny, and issued a fatwa the effect of which is complex but delivered power to the murderer and his insane version of Islam and denounced all other versions of Islam in Russia and their religious leaders. Interestingly the Russian religious representatives at this theological mess rejected the fatwa as did Saudi. ... 87472.html

How three allegedly 'educated and astute' Egyptian religious leaders could accept an invitation from a criminal, travel there and issue religious teachings in his favor in this still unstable, fractured and divided part of the world are questions you should ask an Imam? Do they have no judgment or integrity? Possibly not. Don't ask that mad female professor at al Azhar who believes that Muslim soldiers can rape enemy women - provided they are not Muslim.

An afterthought. The Egyptian press and the Supreme Socceroos are running the line that Salah’s injury led to the shocking defeats. Good face saving argument but possibly an Egyptian mentality – if the leader fails we all fail. This thinking also shows a very odd view about the value of the team. Ordinary people can prosper if they organize without the Great Leader. A dangerous thought.

UPDATE. The Supreme Insane Socceroos now want to ban for 1 year any player who spoke to the media whilst in Russia. Apparently its against their rules but not the rules of the comp. not the international soccer rules and not FIFA's rules. I’d bet no such Egyptian rule exists or has been filed away out of sight of players because soccer players are always clear about rules on and off the field.

How this ban will apply to players with contracts in countries other than Egypt probably hasn’t been considered. For example why would the UK apply a ban for the breach of a rule it does not have itself. Second, unless the Supreme Soccers have a specific signed contract with players prohibiting talking to the media why should it be enforced by anyone. These people are idiots and probably weren’t much good when they ran the Army and protected the Motherland. ... 06142.aspx

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