EgyptAir to Operate Flights at Sphinx International Airport

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EgyptAir to Operate Flights at Sphinx International Airport

Post by Winged Isis »

EgyptAir to Operate Flights at Sphinx International Airport

DECEMBER 19, 2018

Egypt’s very own airline, EgyptAir, will start operating domestic flights from Cairo’s newest airport, Sphinx International Airport located on the outskirts of the city from 25 January to 9 February which happens to correspond with the mid-year academic holiday.

Egypt’s Minister of Aviation Younis Al-Masri decided to commence the airport’s operation to attract investment projects that will help enhance the services EgyptAir provides to its customers.

According to Al-Masri, the new airport should be taking some load off of Cairo International Airport with the hope that it will attract more of customers. He also highlighted that the infrastructure of the airport is to the “highest specifications and service levels.”

Although this is operation is just a trial, there will be an increased number of flights by EgyptAir and other airlines in the coming period, Al-Masry explained.

EgyptAir is scheduled to operate about 15 domestic flights a week to targeted towards those who will be traveling the academic mid-year holiday in Egypt. The round flights are set to head from Sphinx Airport to Luxor, Aswan, Sharm El-Sheikh, and Hurghada and back to Cairo.

The Sphinx Airport project was inaugurated in 2016. It is the country’s 33rd airport. Its location is very close to Egypt’s Giza Pyramids making it more accessible to tourists. It is also closer to those living in 6th of October, and Haram as well as other places in the Giza governorate.

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Re: EgyptAir to Operate Flights at Sphinx International Airp

Post by Hafiz »

I suspect few others or few others with judgement will use it.

Its Sphinx International Airport – well not really – it’s the commercial redevelopment of the former Cairo West Airbase owned by the Egyptian Military Airforce. It appears in history – the British destroyed it in 1956 and the Jews bombed and destroyed it possibly twice. In all three cases the glorious Egyptian Airforce didn’t get many of its planes into the air which makes you wonder about abilities in their main line of work let alone running an airport. Nowadays they want to move on from past achievements and make money and compete with the state owned Cairo International Airport.

Some facts for Sphinx. No public transport links, an underdeveloped adjacent road system, right on top of adjacent gated, socially segregated and possibly fortified housing precinct (an easy exit to the airport if you need to get out of the country quick when things turn bad) at Sheikh Zayed, Palm Hills, Dream Land etc (places populated by a few who might need to get out quick if the population works out what is really going on), a single runway (who ever heard of an international airport with a single runway – sounds more like an airstrip), an immediately co-located Central Security Services Compound (K33) full of people with guns to protect you, hardly any hotels within Olympic staggering distance, adjacent population difficult to determine and government stats less than reliable but probably a couple of hundred thousand, over 30ks from Central Cairo.

K33 looks like a dump from the air so I assume its just got a few thousand kid conscripts to defend all the assets of the surrounding luxury area which they refused to do in 1988 and revolted and burnt Mena House and other hotels before the Army killed a few thousand of them. If it had club houses, gardens, soccer fields, basket ball courts and swimming pools you would know it was officers/regular army. There are also a large number of commercial farms in this area so maybe the kids ‘help out’ on them if they are military owned.

At least EGP300 million (probably a lot more) has been spent on Sphinx but whose money that was is not clear. The justification for building it is “to ease pressure on Cairo’s main airport.” ... xt-summer/ but the main old airport is only operating at 50% capacity and loosing money and is 60ks in the opposite direction so this argument by the Supreme Shooters is rot. The Ministers other justification is that the “airport will serve tourists to visit the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) and the Great Pyramids of Giza.” – but that is a crazy idea. Who is going to fly into Cairo just to see the Pyramids and Museum and not check into an hotel first – and there are no hotels near this airport or if there were you would end up staying in the middle of nowhere behind razor wire with a few machine gun posts to make you feel safe. My map reading is that the Pyramids are 25ks as the crow flies which is similar to the Pyramids-Central Cairo.

A few international airlines use it (probably for cargo only) but their names are obscure. Preliminary checking indicates that these ‘airlines’ have financial difficulties, have sometimes ceased operating for years, are unsafe, have low customer ratings and are often referred to as amongst the worst in their markets – sounds just the type of business partner/customer Egypt loves. Air Cairo, the low cost version of AirEgypt uses it but very oddly doesn’t fly into Luxor where you think the tourism demand would be high but you would need your brain removed to understand the decisions of EgyptAir.

Although Sphinx is government owned it is not owned by the government agency which owns all other government airports. Wonder why? Also its not linked with the New Administrative Capital which is a long way away.

Looks like the Armed forces said – we have an airport – lets use it to make money. Things will only get better because as a military installation all negative reporting is subject to military law. No data is available on it – including financial information – and not even to the Cabinet/Parliament/Auditor General. Its also not clear that a court can require evidence on it or demand its documents. If a judge oversteps the mark he can be hauled before a military court and given summary justice and with no right of appeal. Any such trials are secret and cannot be reported. It is possibly illegal to even speak about them in private – but that is a bit unclear.

Apparently, its been ‘developed on one year, will be open soon its to ‘serve the other side of Cairo and reducing the traffic from Cairo International Airport.’ And will increase tourism (?). How do you increase a person’s desire to go to a place by building an extra airport that dumps them in the middle of nowhere.[/

Its owned and controlled, but not paid for, by the Military so I guess they will get all the profits – tax not payable. Oddly the new airport has no military purpose just cargo, some passenger and provides a quick escape option for some if the airport inside the Maadi Military Hospital doesn’t work along with other ‘quick exit’ airports in military ventral Nasr City/Heliopolis.

Apparently there's an identical one being built in New Cairo called Katameya International Airport (to service New Cairo built on a previous military base). Boggles my mind why they'd need another airport there with Cairo International Airport a stones throw away and a new one being built in the new capital. Details on this are unclear because my credibility on madness has limits. ... esert-Road

This is the terminal of the New Imperial/Administrative Capital City Airport (budget not revealed).


(A joke - how could this middle sized shed cope with 80 million a year?)

In robotic style the Sphinx is identical.

As is Ketameya (budget not revealed).


The New Administrative Capital is to have its own International Airport, its part of the approved plan, located, wait for it, on pre-existing Wadi al Jandali Airport currently used by the Egyptian Air Force. The President has announced that this new airport will be larger than Heathrow (80 million passengers - where will they come from and what could they possibly be looking for) ... 20211.html.

So Cairo will have three/four International airports, two only 20ks away from each other and two under the same ‘management’. One is brand new, one is being built from scratch and one has had hundreds of millions recently put into it. Wow. ... ty-airport. The one that will be larger than Heathrow will make it the largest or second largest in the world and might operate at 10% capacity which would mean billions, possibly tens of billions wasted.

Cairo International is 50% under capacity – but can’t even manage that and comparisons are chilling. Dublin copes well with three times Cairo as does De Gaulle at 10 times Cairo and both get you to your hotel in an efficient and quick way.

All will be safe at all these airports, unless you fly AirEgypt, because the Falcon Group will be guarding the airports with high technology equipment, when they are not running their TV stations/propaganda outlets – al Assema, Home Media, Sherry Media, Tawasul Media and PR, al Hayat TV channel/network, radio station 93.7 FM and others, collecting usage information from electricity meters, guarding universities against truculent students, providing personal protection for VIP’s, doing security/crowd control for major events, providing personal security for the President and all of these contracts obtained without tender/experience/skills. To say they are an organ of the Army/Military Intelligence might do some organs a disservice. For clarification you might need to ask one of the scores of Major Generals who run it.

To say the Russian's were less than impressed with Falcon's 1 year of achievement in 'managing' Hurghada airport security would be an understatement.

One or more of these new airports has an Airport Mosque - where is the Church – doesn’t the constitution provide for the equality of all religions?

As ever its random, ill planned, impulsive and opportunistic capital waste. Need is far from clear except the need to bring back the German's to run the Cairo International and get rid of all Egyptian management and derive the benefit from an OK location and billions of debt in its development.Egypt wastes capital like an addict breaks into houses.

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