Suicide blast in Cairo tourist area kills three policemen

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Suicide blast in Cairo tourist area kills three policemen

Post by DJKeefy »

A suicide bomber has killed and injured members of Egypt's security forces in an attack near Cairo's historical centre.

A third policeman has died of his wounds, sustained when officers were pursuing a man they believed had been responsible for planting a bomb in front of a Cairo mosque last Friday, police said on Tuesday. The bomb had been successfully defused.

A video circulating on local media showed the moment Monday's blast occurred. The suspect, identified by authorities as 37-year-old Hassan al-Hassan Abdullah, was riding a bicycle down a narrow alleyway as security forces chased after him near Cairo's historical centre.

He detonated an explosive device that was on his person in the Darb al-Ahmar neighbourhood - near the Old Cairo tourist area and al-Azhar mosque - the moment he was stopped, killing himself and two policemen and injuring three other officers, according to Egypt's interior ministry.

Police said Abdullah was a foreign national, without revealing more details.

They also said that upon searching his apartment, police found a time bomb and temporarily evacuated the building until the bomb was defused.

Egypt has seen a spate of attacks, mainly against security forces and the country's Coptic Christian minority, since the army's 2013 overthrow of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

These attacks have been mostly claimed by groups including the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS). Meanwhile, Egypt's army and police are trying to suppress armed groups in the Sinai Peninsula.

Last month, a policeman was killed as he was trying to defuse an explosive device near a church in a residential Cairo district.

In December, three Vietnamese tourists and their Egyptian guide were killed after a roadside bomb struck a tourist bus near the Pyramids of Giza, south of Cairo.

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Re: Suicide blast in Cairo tourist area kills three policeme

Post by Major Thom »

Maybe they should ask the Kurds to help, they seem to have had a lot of success in Syria suppressing IS...

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Re: Suicide blast in Cairo tourist area kills three policeme

Post by Dusak »

Makes me wonder at times, we know this happened because we see the news footage, there is of course, public outrage, as one would expect, then, two days later they report that up to sixteen ''terrorists'' have been found and killed in the Sinai region, which we do not see any evidence of. Public placated.
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Re: Suicide blast in Cairo tourist area kills three policeme

Post by Hafiz »

Some simple points. Where exactly did this event occur. The vagueness on such matters is a standard and where did the previous 500 terrorist attacks occur. Why no specifics from the Supreme Invincible Militarios over 10 years.

I agree with the above. The reality/al Ahram/Military sorry Egypt Today - all of it is managed by a couple by score of idiot Majors in Military Security who feed out positive stories or lying versions of negative stories. One of them, the President's closest military 'PR manager' is a shocking liar about even his own academic and military experience. Another example, only an idiot would believe any story out of Sinai in the last few years proof of this is evidenced by happens when you print the truth as with Alexamdri the journalist who wrote true stories of it - Egyptian army and police in Sinai stuff up most of the time - is now in jail for 10 years.

Stories, printed in the best Israeli press, that Israel now controls the military air space over Sinai are regarded as treason in Cairo but are everyday fact in Washington.The Egypt airforce (broad definition of the word force) is 5-7 times the size of the Australian airforce but can't get off the ground as it also could not in '67 and '73. They have failed absolutely in Sinai (even though its valued at minimum of $US20 billion) under Sis as they have failed in almost all other areas. They are habitual and unrepentant failures since 1952. How can you have the world's 7th largest airforce but hand over to Israel. Because you are an idiot. Saying that wll get you 10 years for the obvious reason that the fiction must be maintained of Egyptian achievement and success.

At the moment the military dictatorship that has locked up 60,000 (minimum) and suspended rule of law is facing the screamingly obvious - Sinai is an impasse even with brutal techniques and second the terrorists are re-emerging in the cities for the first time in 5 years. They regime are useless from a military point of view and the trend is negative. Their economic and financial mismanagement is many times worse.

At a bad minimum you expect a nasty military dictatorship/law and order brute to get one thing right after 5 years but this fool can't. The sale of human rights has paid no benefit. His US War College tutors were right - he is very dumb - he also stole quotes from other sources without giving credit - how Egyptian.The brutal government behaviors has paid no benefit but has cost a high human price and billions.

My guess is that the terrorists will aim for a big hit in a large group, coastal, tourist location sooner rather than later.A cynic would say that the police/army will pose a small limitation on this and one should remember that Sisi was contemptuous of the police in a NYC interview and called the police a 'million man mafia'. A sane human would have reformed them - he has done nothing in this matter and less than nothing in other matters in 5 years.

I don't believe a single story I read in the state owned Egyptian media (Its all state or military owned) and people on this forum who do must be delusional or in defiance of facts and evidence which some are/do. For some, in a Boris type of way, you stick to dogma whatever happens.

Dusak's point is 'dead on' and, for example, the killing of terrorists by the police/army following the Coptic killings north of Minya 7-8 months ago did not add up - even the photos of the dead terrorists did not make sense - the alleged corpses of the alleged terrorists all had clean, military, light tan, carefully laced, clean books. It was a poorly organized fabrication. In truth the terrorists got away from the supine Imperial Army.

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