Egypt in the 21st Century.

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Egypt in the 21st Century.

Post by Hafiz »

Egypt in the 21st Century or is it the 21st Dimension.

Maybe. This is a story about a satellite launch which will ‘benefit all Egyptians’. Like most Egyptian official stories the truth is different.

Here is the official version of the ‘love me’ public story about the glory of Egypt and the benefits of the launch to one of the world’s (worst) internet systems. Isn’t Sisi the greatest Junta stooge in the world? ... SKBN1XV29M

The prime problems with internet speed in Egypt are the poor system of antena/ground stations and the worse hardwiring (by the military controlled telecoms authority) to commercial and residential premises. Its a useless system that will be little helped by a satellite - Australia faces one of the largest territory/land mass issues in the world and relies on satellite (often slow) for only the most remote areas where the small populations don't justify a physical connection. If Australia regards Satellite as expensive, low quality and only for the most remote areas how does poor Egypt come to this view with population concentrations found in few other countries.

Here is the back story published in a technical journal at the time the deal was done which says that the satellite will have a prime focus on military communication. ... arms-deal/

Its French made with no Egyptian inputs and launched from Francophone West Africa by French technicians. Which ground station will control it is a mystery except you can bet that if it was to be controlled by Egyptians from Egypt then this would have been screamed from the roof tops - so lets assume its all French and that the French will pull the plug, use it to listen in on Egyptian government messages and be generally rough if their interests are threatened by Egypt.

You be the judge on the basis that we know the military exists for its people – not just for itself. Glory to the selfless Egyptian military and their genius, and penny pinching/truth telling, 500 generals.

For me the satellite is likely near 100% military usage and its relevance to the internet is too small to under estimate.

It looks like the supreme military are also going to buy some Russian planes to add to their French and US planes. Spare parts and maintenance should be a nightmare. Whether the French satellite can communicate with Russian planes isn’t clear. ... SKBN1XV2HF

I think the Russian purchase is part of a snub where the Americans will not allow their 'invisible' F 35's to be purchased by Egypt but will allow Turkey, Saudi and the UAE to have them. The Russian planes now sought by Egypt are the closest to the 35's that Egypt can buy. As with all Russian planes they have a great problem with staying up - something which torments Sisi's fellow midget Putin.

You normally have a big airforce is you need to bomb your neighbors or you face a threat from a major air power. Neither threat/opportunity exists. Its interesting that the Junta’s press releases never mention the use of the airforce in 8 years of insurgency in Sinai and related problems – although there was an air attack in Libya where the Egyptian airforce bombed the hell lout of a town to kill ‘terrorists’.

Bye the bye the purchase from the same Frenchies of their ‘poor mans’ aircraft carrier had the Americans screaming about security and they forced the French to pull the guts out of the ships IT systems leading, maybe, to the Russians putting their junk in.

The capacity of these generals to waste money on themselves proves that the economy will never be fixed and, as a result, their hold on power tenuous and needing much violence to be secure.

Its now 67 years of military, one party, no free press, central planning, major state ownershi,politically controlled judiciary and a parliament of boot-licking stooges and the power of Egypt declines and its standard of living plummets compared with India, China, Indonesia and others. Thailand and Iran have larger economies and the latter has a much larger middle class and fewer poor. ... _GDP_(PPP). Per capita Algeria, Iraq, Costa Rica, Botswana, Thailand, Iran and Turkey have much higher standards of living and these have grown as fast as Egypt has collapsed.

Arguably, and excluding war zones and places where 60% of the population has AIDS, it’s the worst managed economy/society over the past 40 years in the world. The Sudan and Mali might be worse – and a number of places where Naguib Sawiris invests his golden dollars.

According to the eminent observer, Bassiouni, the same 200 families have been in power for more than half a century - when not in jail - so its pretty clear that their methods have been tried and found wanting over nearly three generations of the same bloodstock. ... revolution and Imagine id 2 or 3 generations of the Windsor clan failed - it would be time up.

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