Egyptian Private Hospital,......Scandal.

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Egyptian Private Hospital,......Scandal.

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While in the past week the U.K. has been absorbed in the Dominic Cummings affair, and the rest of the world concerned about the tragic death of George Floyd and the repercussions throughout the United States, Egypt has had its own very serious scandal. It was discovered through social media many of the hospital were ripping off its Egyptian private patients who had been admitted suffering from COVID 19 symptoms.

The outcry became so serious that by Tuesday 2nd June the government had to intervene and issued rules as to the maximum any private hospital could charge for various procedures. For simple isolation a charge range was enforced from $90 to $180 per day. Intensive Care Unit charge range to be set at $300 to $400 per day. Any patient put on a ventilator will pay between $450 to a maximum of $600 per day. Throughout the whole stay in hospital the above maximum charge MUST include hospital service, medical supplies, doctors fee, accomadation and testing.

As an interesting footnote, the following day Egyptian Health Minister Hala Zayed issued a decree that any one suffering from respiratory symptoms or high fever should go to their nearest hospital. One does not have to live long in Upper Egypt to learn that most Egyptian men are hypochondriacs.

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