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Games Update

Post by DJKeefy »

added rate button, click on this and rate the game from 1 to 5

also added is a favorites button and comments button

also added filesize of the game, so modem players can see how big the game is before they play it.

When you have finished playing a game and your score is submitted, you will see a button called favorites, if you click this, the game will be added to you favorites.
On top of the games index page you will see some text saying Play your Favorites List, click this to go to your favorites.

Also when you have finished playing a game and your score is submitted, If you make it to the top 10, you will see a comments button, click this and then you will be able to leave a comment on the game.
When a comment is left, members will see a comments button appear at side of the game, so they can read what comments people have left.

another feature new is when someone beats your high-score or all time hi-score you will receive a PM to say that user-name has beat your score. keep checking though I'm not sure if this feature works as yet.

The last feature is you can now see the top 25 high-score players and the game they got the hi-score on for each month, the feature will be wrong for February due to just been installed, it will only record new hi-scores from now.


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