Gangster No1.

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Gangster No1.

Post by Who2 »

This in my humble estimation is the the best classic british gangster film ever made:
We have a very personnel connection as the producer was an old friend, (Norma produced Buster) I assisted in the locations and Bruce and I worked on the scripts for many months.
Paul Bettany was auditioned by Bruce on a Saturday afternoon in my office, Jamie our cousin played himself and I got to meet David Thewliss who became a very close friend, ending up by getting a new set of teeth payed for by Dustin Hoffman.
This iconic film led to many openings, one was funding the Sunshine Orphanage in Luxor the other, meeting some very talented british actors.

It's violent, it's bloody, but it is a classic and, I had an involvement, and it walks all over The Long Good Friday.
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Paul went on to marry Jennifer Connelly the ballet dancer who got raped in the back of a taxi in Once Upon a Time in America, Thewliss had a baby with Anna Friel and the producer Norma's son was David Heyman who did all those Harry Potter films.
So all in all it's a bloody good british gangster film.
It was a great 'wrap party held at one of the films locations, The Cafe de Paris which had a doodle bug drop dead centre on it during the last war.....If you love film I recommend it, but it is bloody, but it's only film, 'but it is good film...:cool:

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Re: Gangster No1.

Post by Alistair1967 »

I will check out this movie George, I'm always up for good gangster stuff...

Hate to be picky, but wasn't it Elizabeth McGovern (as Deborah) who featured in that rape scene?

EDIT :- My apologies, of course Jennifer Connelly did play Deborah as a girl, it was McGovern who played her as an adult, therefore my question/statement was sort of correct!

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Re: Gangster No1.

Post by Cyprus100 »

I shall be taking a peep at the downloads for this one - never heard of it, or seen it before.... so, Thank You!
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