David Attenborough.

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David Attenborough.

Post by Scottishtourist »

Isn't this man just wonderful?

He's brought us all a world of nature.One we've never seen before.
He shows us life on our planet,he shows us life in our seas,our own battle with the animal world for survival,etc.

As far as I'm concerned..this man is glorious.

But.how much is down to him?
Surely it's very much a team effort and his camera men are the true heroes of the piece?

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Brian Yare
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Re: David Attenborough.

Post by Brian Yare »

Scottishtourist wrote:Surely it's very much a team effort and his camera men are the true heroes of the piece?
Which piece is this, ST? Part of a jigsaw puzzle? :zz

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Re: David Attenborough.

Post by newcastle »

Now now Brian...

David Attenborough is a man I admire tremendously.

His Zoo Quest books inspired me as a budding naturalist and I must have watched, and in many cases have on video/DVD, most of his film output. They are unparallelled in capturing nature.

He's been a potent advocate of conservation and protecting the planet throughout a long career.

He is the most charming of individuals and, if I were given the choice of meeting and talking with just one person of global significance, alive today, it would be him.

And that voice!!

It's incredible to think he'll be 90 next May.

A giant of our times.

ST is right....the support of his camera team is also worthy of the highest acclaim. The addenda to many of his series showing how the shots were obtained is an eye opener.

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