Why Are We Here?- A Doco.

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Why Are We Here?- A Doco.

Post by Hafiz »

Who knows. Maybe there is no reason.

Brian Cox did a TV doco on this issue in 2014. Its visually pretty, complex and hard to understand. The fact that its about the most important issues in the world probably means that its viewing is in single digits and most stop watching after 10 minutes.

Its worth watching.

Weaknesses include its Foucault like circumlocution.

Strengths include its visual beauty and the way it tries to include human evolution into physics, chemistry and the universe.

Significantly he seems to attack the Dawkins dogmatism and suggest more chance and less certainty into what has happened to us in the last 4 billion years. I think a full blown attack on the aged and egotistical (but brilliant) Dawkins is well overdue. Whilst they are at it a burning of Stephen Fry, a great advocate of evolution with no scientific education – is not beyond good taste. Comedic celebrities should stick to what they have ability in – telling jokes.

Dawkins might be a good zoologist but his maths, physics and chemistry is not as good as his decedent reading degree supporters think.Their knowledge of science is close to zero which explains why they like a scientist who can write so well in literary fashion about matters they understand nothing of.

I think the Cox doco.is hard, complex, important but pretty.

I worry about Brian Cox. Whilst people like him might start out as thinkers and communicators once they become media celebrities they tend to loose their brain and judgment. Maybe they are smart – but ‘we’ don’t want a smart people with complex ideas – we want a pretty face with a great body and don’t care less whether they are smart or idiots. Many are idiots who just read scripts.

The BBC is less than generous with free videos of this program. Its a money making world and there are probably expensive DVD's of the program. I'm too lazy to give you direction on the matter.

I suspect that in elite London circles his lack of an Oxbridge degree is treated with both satire and derision. Nevertheless other science communicators like Carl Sagan have survived this normally life crippling deprivation of a sandstone education.

Interestingly in a subsequent doco he suggests that life in another planet is less rather than more likely – at a particular point in time. His argument, in brief, is that the millions of possibilities need to be reduced by the chances of favorable local conditions, then reduced further by the chances that mitigate against the development of complex life then reduced again by the millions of years during which that life develops. It seems that he thinks the numbers mean that we are very unlikely to ever come in contact with anything meaningful during our limited period of existence.

Its a strange world. Thousands of celebrity commentators are paid well to tell us about politics, economics and social change. On the other hand, other than Cox and very few others there are few, and none in the newspapers, who can tell us about science in an interesting and engaging way.

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Re: Why Are We Here?- A Doco.

Post by newcastle »

I think the documentary you are referring to is part of Brian Cox's 'Human Universe' 5 Part series.

You can view Part 2 "Why Are We Here "at http://ihavenotv.com/why-are-we-here .....and the rest of the series as well if you so wish.

It's pretty good...a bit long-winded at times...and the cinematography is impressive.

I don't think Brian Cox in any way disputes the inevitability of evolution, or anything Richard Dawkins believes. The creation of life on earth 3.8 billion years ago was a probably a chance event...how small a chance is impossible to say as we do not have evidence (yet) of the existence of life elsewhere. It may turn out to be quite a common occurrence once a planet in the "Goldilocks zone"of a star has cooled sufficiently.

The asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs - thus permitting the rise of the mammals - was one of many that have struck the earth over time. Perhaps the dinosaurs were lucky to have been around as long as they were.

More interesting was Brian's explanation of the fine tuning required of the universal constants in order for the universe to exist at all in the form we experience, and he postulates that, perhaps, there are an infinite number of universes most ( perhaps all but ours) of which are unsuitable for life as we know it.

This multi-verse idea has been around for a while.

https://www.space.com/18811-multiple-un ... ories.html

Cox , Dawkins and Fry would be perfect dinner party company for me....on which subject I might comment further, time permitting. I think our opinions on them diverge a little :)

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