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Post by Who2 »

Wagner who died in 1883 is banned from Israeli radio stations.
Why ? because Adolf Schicklgruber liked his music.
Banning Wagner is akin to burning books, because you don't agree with their contents.... 8)
Ps: I like Deutscher Schäferhunds, German Shepherds but, it doesn't stop the IDF using them to control Palestinians .
Pss: I'll probably be listed as anti semitic.

"The Salvation of Mankind lies in making everything the responsibility of All"

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Re: Wagner

Post by BENNU »

Once in a theater, I watched a drama where it was concluded that listening to Wagner was wrong because he had inspired Hitler. I was young enough to let this make me struggle with some feelings of guilt for a while when letting the pickup touch one of my Wagner records.

Years later at the opera, in the audience, I recognised the only actor still alive from that performance - enjoying Parsifal.

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Re: Wagner

Post by Hafiz »

The World Is Mad.

People act on impulse, even people paid to do otherwise, and as a result a surge in public opinion boils over. No one is subsequently punished for poor work/getting it wrong and stimulating a crowd.

The screaming surge in Israel at the moment about the national radio station playing Wagner is an example. I would support the surge based on how boring that old pick pocket and bombastic fool was but, of course, the Israeli’s are stirred up by the ‘fact’ that he is a Nazi composer. https://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Israe ... ner-566373

Not quite true but when was a Zionist more reliable than the Government of Egypt. He died long before Hitler, was an anti-Semite when that was widespread – particularly in the Saxe Coburg family and Prince Phillip’s family. Mountbatten/Battenberg’s family were also anti-Semite until they ran out of money and Louis had to marry into the Jewish and fabulously rich Cassell family (made most of their money in Egypt from the seized Khedive’s farms after the insolvency). So my point is that in Germany and the UK until maybe the 1920’s or later, anti-Semitism was near universal amongst the aristocratic and ruling classes. Should we dredge that up and confront their descendants with this – possibly yes.

Hitler liked Wagner, attended Bayreuth and had a ‘close’ relationship with the boot licking Winifred Wagner, a Brexit Englishwoman, befriended Hitler before 1923, Sussex orphan without money who married the rich and gay Siegfried Wagner and later, without any skills – very Egyptian – ran the Festival. Of course she was a close friend to the scores of Nazi aristocrats, including at least UK 13 Dukes, and the incomparable Sir Oswald that great son of the British Labor Party. As late as 1976 she was secretly taped declaring her love for the fuhrer. She should have been tried and executed. https://www.nytimes.com/2007/03/11/book ... cc&ei=5070

Her son Weiland was given his own personal concentration camp to run near the family home at Bayreuth. He had the pleasure of managing slaves. After the war the left loved him – for his modernistic productions of Wagner.

That great Brit, Huston Stuart Chamberlain also married into the family – ill educated, racist, anti-Semitic, 4th rate ‘philosopher’ and 5th rate ‘evolutionist’, 1st rate self-publicist, early friend of Hitler and member of the Nazi party, Hitler attended his funeral. A great son of the British Public School system and descended from admirals. Helped to establish Nazism.

Many other composers, artists and writers are in the same category as Wagner but the hysteria against them is non-existent. Wagner was dead but Monsieur Renault wasn't and did well out of making tanks for the Nazi's, the Krupps did well and the Thyssens as well - they are funding some archaeological work in Israel and no one is asking where the money came from. Coco Chanel's behavior was revolting, along with hundreds of thousands of Parisians but rich Israeli women buy her and listen to Edith Piaf and Chevalier who were disgusting after 1940. Cocteau was kept a full supply of young and large SS men and said and did dreadful things with enthusiasm - are his plays banned in Israel. The music area was full of disgusting collaboration - Schwarzkopf collaborated horizontally and probably with the repulsive Goebbels and like scores of others was 'banned' for a few years but her CD's and those of others fill the stereos of Israel without a whimper. If you want to go down this track somewhere between 15,000 and 150,000 Mischlings - part Jews, fought in Hitlers Army probably in the full/partial knowledge of the extermination policy. https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/ ... f7647dc359

Its a confused area about who is responsible and idiots like thick black lines but none exist in the real world and after the event we have to get on with life.

What gets forgotten in the hysteria and lazy journalism is that Wagner has been played before in Israel by Zubin Mehta, the Zoroastrian. It was 1981, got international attention, played by the Israel Philharmonic and Mehta went on to conduct for decades in Israel and is their conductor Emeritus. https://www.upi.com/Archives/1981/10/19 ... 372312000/

Maybe the story is as mad as this. Something well handled near 40 years ago and accepted is now a petrol fire in a more neurasthenic age.

Its interesting that Wagner is now verboten in Israel but its government supports a Government that has, and propagates, anti-Semitism in its blood - Egypt. Working that contradiction out would require a psychiatric qualification.

A very long bow. Of course the reverse is true – but ignored. Many extreme Zionists/Jews were racist.

Take an example not noticed in the racist cess pit of the UK parliament but this one is paradoxical.

“Disraeli’s race theorizing, was a negative view of Blacks and American Indians. With his negative opinions,...Disraeli’s attack upon the anti-slavery movement, at the same time as he first achieved the Chancellorship of the Exchequer, pointed him out as one on at least these issues who was far outside the political consensus. ...he described the anti-slavery folk as ignorant, unjust, blundering, engendering waste and havoc not easily paralleled in the history of man? Disraeli believed Negroes were a deteriorated race and hoped that the White population of America would not racially mix with them. In 1856, in the House of Commons, he described the American Indians as “an indolent and unintelligent race of men” and praised the American expansion over their territory. When Disraeli became prime minister for the first time, in 1868, the Carlton Club paid for cartoons of savage Blacks and simianized Irish to be sent out as political propaganda.” http://www.bu.edu/historic/conference08/jsack.pdf

Do we write Disraeli out of history using modern standards or judge him by the standards of that day. By his contemporary standards he probably fails and given he was the buyer/forcloser on the canal/Egypt you wonder what his views were of Egyptians - part of the Semitic race/language group to which his ancestors belonged.

The Egyptian story is more confused - well they are Egyptians. I can't find any major or even minor Jewish actor, singer of performer who has performed in Egypt since 1956 but that could be because they know complicated well played music won't get an audience. I think the idiots in Farag;'s harem censor out Jewish composers but their skills are poor and they let Mendelssohn in and some 'mixed' race types like Ravel. There is no tradition of US musicals in Egypt so they have never had to face a 100% wipe out of that genre. Whether the lunatics realize that modern film and popular music is dominated by Jewish people at all levels I don't know - but best to assume stupidity on their part. A similar argument could also made about most of the magazine and book publishing industry if you want a good book burning.