My Kingdom for a Lemon

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My Kingdom for a Lemon

Post by BENNU »

I had nothing in the house, and by nothing, I mean: NOTHING! Not even what you keep in an "empty" kitchen. I cleared it before I left in July, don’t want to use spices that have been left in a closed flat in this heat, and since I came back I have eaten out and only done very little shopping.

Today I was simply too lazy to go shopping for ingredients, and this evening I was too inspired to leave, what I was doing and eat out as I had planned, so I gave my empty kitchen a chance: Flour, rice, tahina, lentils, vegetable stock cubes, chilipowder, cummin, salt, olive oil, surviving garlic and the only fresh ingredient: three plums from the Winter Palace. Not even an onion or anything green in sight apart from a peppermint teabag and I wasn’t sure if there was any more gas in the bottle. I am known to be able to cook great food from nothing, but in a functioning household with a minimum of quality ingredients that you had forgotten you had, or your host doesn’t know how to use.

Onions and parsley wouldn't have hurt, but I simply cannot get over the delicious meal I just finished:

Fluffy chapaties, golden fried rice, chili-plum stew and tahina-dal.
Coffee, Scotch and Oum Khaltoum!

:P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P

Tomorrow I’ll go shopping – or perhaps sit down somewhere under the stars and have everything served…

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Post by FABlux »

WOW :oo That is seriously inventive!! Well done you, I wouldn't have even thought of those things, let alone be able to make them :oops:

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United Kingdom

Post by Mimimay »

I know ! I couldn't even be bothered to think of those things :o but it does sound good.
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Post by Horus »

If he lives so close to you, I would just have gone across to Stan's place and asked him to make me a couple of sandwiches ;)

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