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PostPosted: Sat Apr 01, 2017 8:47 pm  |  Posted from: Egypt

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In my past life I once had a couple of floating restaurants in the Pool of Little Venice.

As I download loads of cooking programs, one with Michael Roux Jnr called 'Hidden Restaurant's. ... el-roux-jr
Two people are converting the Prince Regent,
a floating restaurant come bar that used to be on a temporary mooring opposite my own boat...........
'The Lady Rose of Regents' run, operated and licensed by The RCCCo Ltd..... me!

The Prince Regent was operated by a very slippery entrepreneur, far slipperier than my good self. ... nts-canal/
In episode 3 they are converting it for £45k into a 48 cover 'up-market dining experience.

Interesting I think on my next visit home I will give it a try... 8)
Inside our Lady Rose circa 1990
Ps: Our 18-22stone chef Derek only had one arm, true!
'thats me on the left'

"The Salvation of Mankind lies in making everything the responsibility of All"

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 02, 2017 3:26 pm  |  Posted from: United Kingdom

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Your floating restaurant looked nicer and cosier inside. The Prince Regent reminds me of a primary school canteen.

I spent a week on a long boat from Whitchurch to Llangollen with my Dad and Brother a couple of years before we moved up this way.
I got the job of piloting the longboat across the Froncysyllte viaduct,
while my old man ran down to the banks of the Dee to photograph it. Who'd have thought a couple of years later, we would end up living here ?

On a flight of fancy, I did run the idea of selling up and living on a longboat past SWBO, but she was non too keen. :td

Same as the Holiday I suggested in Trinidad Cuba.
Her response, "If I want to see coloured houses and old cars, we can go to Port Merion"... :ct
cant argue with that logic..... 8)

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 03, 2017 8:34 am  |  Posted from: Egypt

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United Kingdom
A friend and I once hired a boat to sail on the Thames, two weeks and never been on a boat before. The man gave us a very brief introduction into how to handle the boat and off we went. Beautiful weather very hot and we soon got fed up with having to stop to fill our big water bottle up, the taps didn't work on board. One chap offered to carry it to the boat for us,he explained that the water on the boat was perfectly fit for washing up and showering etc. we told him our taps didn't work he came and had a look, apparently it didn't matter how much we turned the taps they would never work you had to pump them up and down to get water from them. Much rolling of eyes and you could read his mind "Women". Off we went again happy little sailors. One of the best holidays I have ever had and in the two weeks we must have covered 20 miles, a record I am sure. Still we did visit some nice pubs en route. :lol:

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