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Post by Who2 »

Now this hard cheese is the real deal Parmigiano-Reggiano. All else is a sad shadow.
But as I am out and forgot to bring a kilo this time, What is your recommendation of cheeses
similar available in Luxor ? Phonetically speaking, cheers.
I went to the Dr's the other day, without asking he hit me with a anti-flu injection, right out of star wars 'zapp psssss
He's like that my Dr....but a nice chap always trying to get me to give up the drugs, but then proscribes me with loads.
I told him I had caught flu off some ruddy visiting tourist in 32oC but, still had a bad cough and could he prescribe me this ?...... 8)
Ps: You gotta love the 'skillfully combined with a number of other ingredients, really! Ayahuasca et al ?

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Re: Parmigiano-Reggiano

Post by carrie »

Try hard aged Rummi Who, the nearest I have ever got to parmesan here.

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Re: Parmigiano-Reggiano

Post by Dusak »

My German friend upstairs had a friend come over the other week for a two weeks holiday to try out my new mega build guest house, which was given a five star accommodation rating. As it was my birthday she asked her friend to bring me over a large lump of Cheddar cheese as and extra surprise, but unfortunately the request got lost in translation, I ended up with a two kilo cut of the genuine article that you are searching for. I declined the gift as it is not something that I would eat. The cost of this cut was 65 Euro, still has the labeling on. If you are interested, she may be open to negotiations. As far I know its still in her fridge doing nothing.
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