Flour as in Bread not as in bees..

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Flour as in Bread not as in bees..

Post by Who2 »

So, as our local baker's standards have dropped due to the summer, and he doesn't know about 'real bread.
I, me have decided to bake my own. I have shied-away from anything to do with pastry after I quit my west end
apprenticeship. Nobody who has eaten a great meal, wants a dessert, usually just the cheese trolley brandy & coffee.

It's a sh*t life being a pattersiere, except for the really fat f*ckers..

Anyhow you bakers out there, that watch 'the great british *ake off,
I need some recommendations for locally available flour, please...
Our baker 'I reckon is now using cheap imported russian flour.
But don't quite me on that, I'll deny it.. 8)

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Re: Flour as in Bread not as in bees..

Post by A-Four »

It seems to me that Egypt has gone back to its old ways of weighting the milled flour either before or after milling. This was the case during the later part of the Mubarak era, when people had to line up and wait almost all day at the bakeries throughout the country, with the exception of the tourist cocoons. This was the situation that lead to the Bread Riots in Cairo and other major cities, that then went on to become the precursor to the so called revolution.

When Sisi came to power he promised to ensure enough grain would be produced or imported, and to take the sale of retail selling to the general public out of the hands of the national bakeries, to prevent this ever happening again,.......seems he forgot all about that one.

P.S. When most people buy milled flour in Upper Egypt it is usually bought from the local bakery, where it is weighed, or should I say, it seems these days, weighted,.......again.

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Re: Flour as in Bread not as in bees..

Post by carrie »

Who try Ragabs, they have different kinds of flour and I'm sure they have bread flour in there.

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