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General Phrases - Drinks - Food - Directions - Nationalities

Post by DJKeefy » Wed Feb 02, 2005 5:42 am

Are you married ?			inta/inti [m/f] mitgawwiz/a [m/f] ?
Can I sit here ?			mumkin aglis hunaa ?
Do you have anything cheaper ?		'andak haaga arkhas ?	   
Fine - thanks to God ! [ formal ]	kwayis awee elhumdillilah
Good evening				masa el khir	   
Good evening [in reply]			masa el nur	   
Happy New Year				kol senna inta tayeb
Happy to see you !			mabsut alshan shuftak !	   
How are you ? [ to a man ]		issayak ?
How are you ? [ to a woman ]		issayik ?
How much ?				bikam ?
How much is this ?			biykam di ?   
How old are you ?			andak/ik [m/f] kam sana ?   
I am ___ years.				andee ___ sana	   
I live in Egypt				ana sakan fee Masr 
I want [speaker a man]			aiyz
I want [speaker a woman			aiyza
I'm a vegetarian			ana nabaatee/yya [m/f]
I'm alone				ana wahdii
I'm here on holiday			ana hina fee agaaza
I'm pleased to meet you			tasharrafna   
I'm single				ana Aazib/Aazba (m/f)   
I'm with a [female] friend		ana maha sadeeqa  
I'm with a [male] friend		ana maha sadeeq  
I'm with my boyfriend			ana maha sahbii 
I'm with my girlfriend			ana maha sahbatii 
It's not possible			mish mumkin   
It's not your business			mish shorlak   
It's very expensive			da rali awi
Let's go !				yellabina
may we have the bill please ?		mumkin al-hesab, law samaht ?
My name is .				ismeeâ
See you later !.			ashufak/ik [m/f] ba'dayn   
See you tommorrow evening !		ashufak/ik [m/f] bukra billayl   
See you tomorrow !			ashufak/ik [m/f] bukra 
That's fine				maashi
We are married				ehna mitgawwiz   
We live together			naskun mahabahd 
What's this ?				ay da ?
What's your address ?			ainwaanak/ik [m/f] ay ?   
What's your name ?(m) 			ismak ay ?	
Where are you from [to a man]		inta min feyn ?	   
Where do you live ?			inta/inti [m/f] sakan fayn ?   
Who's that with you ?			min mahak ?
Excuse me			Low samat 	   
I am sorry			ana aasif/a [m/f]	   
I don't understand		mish fahim	   
No				la	   
No thank you			la shukran	   
Please [to a man		minfadlak	   
please [to a woman]		minfadlik	   
Thank you			shukran	   
Yes				aiywa [or occasionally] naam
you're welcome			afwan
You are handsome		Inta wasim
	affectionate		muhib(a)	   
	attractive		gazzaab	   
	beautiful		jameel(a)	   
	delicious		lazeez(a)	   	   
	intelligent		zakee(ya)	   
	kind			hanuun(a)	   
	You look great !	shaklak helw !	 
Honey (f)			inti aseel
You are ugly			inta wehesh(a)	   
	dirty			wisikh/wiskha	   
	disgusting		qaser(a)	   
	very boring		mumil(a) awee	   
	very fat		tikhiin(a) awee	   
	mean			bakhil(a)	   
	crazy			magnoon(a)	   
	evil			shiriir(a)
Accountant		muhaasib/a [m/f]	   
actor			mumassil/a [m/f]	   
archaeologist		aalim hafriyaat	   
architect		muhandis/a hafriyaat [m/f]	   
artist			fanaan/a [m/f]	   
businessman		ragil a'maal	   
businesswoman		sayyidat a'maal	   
chef			tabakh/a [m/f]	   
dentist			tabiib asnaan	   
doctor			duktor/a [m/f]	   
engineer		muhandis/a [m/f]	   
farmer			muzaaari'	   
guard			haares	   
housekeeper		sitt bayt	   
journalist		sahaafee	   
labourer		aamil	   
lawyer			muhamii	   
manager			mudeer/a [m/f]	   
mechanic		mekaneeki	   
musician		mooseeqaar/a [m/f]	   
nurse			mumarrid/a [m/f]	   
photographer		musawwar/a [m/f]	   
policeman		shurtee	   
secretary		sikriteer/a [m/f]	   
student			talib/a [m/f]	   
teacher			mudarris/a [m/f]	   
tourist guide		murshid/a [m/f]	   
translator		mutarjim/a [m/f]	   
waiter			garsoon/a [m/f]	   
writer			mu'allif/a [m/f]
Where are you from [to a woman]	inti min feyn ?	   
Where is he from ? 		huwa min feyn ?	   
Where are they from ?		humma min feyn ?	   
I'm from			ana min	   
We're from			ehna min
America				amrika	   
Australia			ustralya	   
Canada 				kanada	   
Egypt				musr	   
England				inglaterra	   
France				fransa	   
Germany				almanya	   
Italy				italiyya	   
Japana				lyaban	   
Netherlands			holanda	   
New Zealand			nyu zilanda	   
Russia				roosya	   
Scotland			iskootlanda	   
Spain				isbanya	   
Sweden				as-swid	   
Switzerland			swisra	   
Turkey				torkeya	   
Wales				waylz