Recommend to members and guests the best places in Egypt to visit, stay, eat , drink or shop for souvenirs and necessities.
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Post by Who2 » Sat Apr 02, 2016 4:19 pm

As I pop all over east london when I'm shopping, sometimes ending up in the English Countryside as in St f---Albans.
Anyhow back in realtime, London Kentish Town to be precise, they have some brilliant ethnic shops as does most London boroughs these days.
Chatting to a lovely Palestinian shop assistant about zaytoun being olives in Arabic, I bought some wicked zesty thyme herb mix..
It's a company that's needs support and their gear is good!... :cool:

It's an advert as is

Ps: Her indoors' hangover has abated 'thank christ, she not a serious drinker she's transilvanian..
since her returning from various local charity shops with £170 quids worth of architectural books and all for only £45 quid,

I pointed out to her probably sold by failed architects and to get a proper job around the streets of King's Cross..
She's thinks I joke too much.... :cool:

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