Maris Girgis Festival Camp 2014 Cancelled

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Maris Girgis Festival Camp 2014 Cancelled

Post by HEPZIBAH »

Luxor News Live
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الغاء الاحتفال لمولد "مارى جرجس" هذا العام لدواى أمنيه ، حيث أرسلت مديرية امن الأقصر تعليمات لرهبان دير مارجرجس الرزيقى بأرمنت بغرب الاقصر، بعدم السماح باقامة اى تخييم هذا الموسم نظرا للظروف الأمنية الصعبة والمعقدة التى تمر بها مصر.

متابعة: مرفت الفخرانى
Cancellation of the celebration of the birth of Mary Girgis ' this year ldwai security, where Luxor Security Directorate has sent instructions to the monks of ruzaiqi barmant Deir Mar jerjes in Western Luxor, not allowing any camping this season due to the complex and difficult security conditions in Egypt.

Track: Mervat El fakharany (Translated by Bing)

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Re: Maris Girgis Festival Camp 2014 Cancelled

Post by Who2 »

Yeh! bet that will get the thousands of Coptics on their way with their extended families and home on a truck, I might even visit it this year with the less few hundred thousand of bodies desperately trying to find the portaloos and fending off buying yet another Chinese elluminated plastic Mary Madonna… :cool:
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Re: Maris Girgis Festival Camp 2014 Cancelled

Post by BBLUX »

I think it was 2 years ago that a serious fire spread through the tented camp. I'm not sure how many were hurt but I guess that might factor into it.

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Re: Maris Girgis Festival Camp 2014 Cancelled

Post by carrie »

Not "liking" your post Hepzibah, sorry for all the Copts that wont be able to attend, thank you though for the information.

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