100le per week

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100le per week

Post by carrie »

A friend and I were having a conversation about salaries in Luxor, someone said that 400le per month wasn't bad money, "after all the majority of Egyptians don't have to pay rent" their quote not mine.
My friend and I then decided that we would live on 100le for a week to see how we could manage. No rent to pay out of that just our food and entertainment.
Well let me tell you now that it was difficult, impossible even, if I had not had a supply of tea, coffe, sugar all the basics I couldn't have done it.
5le spent having a cup of tea out was a luxury, how Egyptians manage on that money defeats me especially when they have a wife and children. Try it sometime it's an eye opener.

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Re: 100le per week

Post by newcastle »

I suppose a single person could just about make it if it was all allocated to food i'e no fuel costs, no travelling costs....and certainly no non-essentials.

And it wouldn't be the healthiest of diets.

But if you have a wife & kids? No way.

You'd need support from family or friends.

I imagine many have several 'sources'of income in addition to whatever meager salary their 'main job' produces (e.g. a bawab might only get 100le a week but will earn extra by running errands etc.)

In the rural areas I think a "salary figure" has little meaning or relevance to the family resources or expenditure.

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Re: 100le per week

Post by LovelyLadyLux »

I think it would be extremely difficult to impossible to live on that meager amount. Am sure this has lead to several working age adults within the a family having to pool their resources so as to make ends meet and has made the trade/barter concept viable. Living on 100le/week has forced the difficult decisions to have some family members work away too and take multiple jobs.

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Re: 100le per week

Post by Dusak »

A while ago I asked my friend how do the real poor people manage on next to nothing. They buy the twenty pieces of the local flat bread for 1le, buy the really cheap 'just about turning from fresh' vegetables and fruit from the street traders, they buy the bones or are given them, from the meat sellers and boil them down for stock, adding the vegetables to make a thick soup. They also receive each month the free food package from the army. This contains a large bag of flour, large bag of rice, cooking oil, tea, sugar and other items. I think that a family could just about survive on 100Le per week. She tells me that there are people surviving on 200Le income a month with the help of these life saving boxes. No treats exist in these unfortunate peoples lives, just the fight for survival. If these conditions did not exist then you would not see old people rummaging around inside the rubbish skips for things not only to perhaps sell, but to eat. I have seen this with my own eyes and think that it is a disgrace it is still prevalent in 2015 within what is, a quite wealthy city.
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Re: 100le per week

Post by Major Thom »

Seems like you have answered the question D, but like one poster states, the diet is not good. I think, but I do not know most people live on the same food day in and day out.

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