Tuesday! drinks day..

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Tuesday! drinks day..

Post by Who2 »

It's Talat means Iv'e got guests coming, cleaning, washing, ice, 'ect and out with compressed air gun and have begun refurbishing the 'fire eaten shed.

Sent Mo the Jeep off to the the old man in Memnon, introduced to me by our very own Mad Dily's. 15 years ago....
I gave him a 100 told him to great a good grapevine, I told him to say "it's for mad george..

Anyhow he came back with a great one 75, I'm digging through the roots of one of my trees,
but before the fire I had a great evergreen creeper in its place.

His instructions were to cut the tin down, bottom off and stab it full with holes.
Sounds doubtful but my other grapevine was crap...

And what do I know about gardening ? sweet fa... 8)
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Re: Tuesday! drinks day..

Post by John Landon »

Thoughtful with a touch of cynicism is what came to my mind. :tk

Though I think Flamingo rather than Pelican if I am not too much mistaken, but hey, Artistic licence and all that.. Wot.. 8)

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Re: Tuesday! drinks day..

Post by BBLUX »

We have bought Boogies from that guy. Same planting instructions and they all grew away well. However in the early days I removed the tin from one and carefully arranged the roots in the hole. It died within a week! The old man knows his stuff.
We are about to start harvesting seedless grapes from our new 3 year old vine. A quick taste test shows great promise in about a month....assuming the blackbirds leave them alone!

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