What is it like to live in Luxor? Share your experiences of Luxor's culture.

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Post by Who2 »

Remember these two wonderful villas. ?

I have always had an interest, even once talking to one the old ladies behind their gated entrance before their murders.
And when the then government demolished the further one. 'luddites!

This came up on my FB page and found interesting, although slightly 'franglaise...

Al-Zanati... The name we say in Luxor and we do not know the owner!?
Al-Zanati, the owner of the most famous villa on Neil Luxor, and in the past, who wanted to drink cold water while walking around Luxor Corniche
Coldair zanati faucets were intended, so who is zanati?
The late Mustafa Bek Al-Zanaty
Name: Mustafa Kamal is a compound name relative to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, his father, Sayed Ali Al Zanati
Born in 1923 in Al-Dabaya, Luxor Center
Sixth on the Kingdom of Egypt in the primary certificate
Baccalaureate from Victoria College Alexandria
Mediterranean Club member {Rotary}
A man who built himself himself, inherited from his father 12 acres, of which he inherited from Luxor land, where his father bought 8.4 acres of Owen Pasha English citizenship in 1920 for 6000 pounds, then added to it Mustafa Bek is 2.5 acres, which is the building of Bela Dona Hotel in front of Luxor Court Complex
He worked hard in the field of agriculture and trade, sometimes he does the work and rides the agricultural tractor and constantly follows up his work, and he plants thousands of acres, trading the inspection of Youssef Kamal Prince and Paul Pasha next to his business activity, as a result of this hardship and effort A large wealth of which owning 51 % of the shares of the Engineering Warehouse Company {later named plow and engineering}
He was the manager of the company, as well as the Pepsi Factory in Giza, Boyat Factory, Amir Cinema House, and 5 buildings in Alexandria
He would have planted 4000 acres in Sudan, but the difference between the Egyptian and Sudanese governments prevented its agriculture 000
He bought 300 acres in the Shawty area in the Italian charity and bought in Rome the price of 300 pounds in 1949 until he owned 520 acres 000
He married Mrs. Fatima {Merit} daughter of Hussein Pasha Al-Atal, one of the top iron makers in Egypt and the manager of the Bank of Egypt and his justice Mohamed Naseer, the Minister of Finance and the master of the Minister of Agriculture (in the revolutionary government)
July socialist laws came in 1961 guarded and his property was confiscated as laws only owned 100 acres
He was paying him a monthly subsidy from the state 500 pounds 000
He looked because he was tired of making his wealth and it came from Halal, he decided to leave Egypt, even the mediation of officials refused it, even the officials wanted him to exist in Egypt, because he was not corrupt.
Fly to Switzerland and start work again until he owns a palace on Lake Geneva
He paid a fine on an Egyptian ship in Switzerland that he could not pay after the 1967 war.
He also donated a number of ambulances to Egypt in the war of 1973
The late President Anwar Sadat made economic openness and Mustafa Bek Al-Zanati was invited to work in Egypt
He came to Egypt and made tourism, economic and agricultural projects 000
Bella Donna Hotel works in Luxor, Indigo starchs, farming to raise cows and sell their dairy and cheese to people, as well as farms to raise bees and sell honey to people. He bought 15 acres of Mrs. Mona Aboud, daughter of Ahmed Aboud Pasha Barmant has been set up for girl s' vineyard.
There are two great palaces on Earth, one of whom is Al-Khadewi Ismail, as a break for Queen Ogini during the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 000
He has other business and projects outside Egypt.
One of his works is the work of the Parmant Orphanage.
Contributing to the work of good deeds, such as the ages of mosques, water colders, etc.
Distribution of monthly amounts of money to the poor.
Paying Umrah expenses and Hajj for some people.
Muslim youth ownership, mosque, bank, palace of culture, agricultural reform, palace of culture, electricity buildings, civil register, Armenian police station, etc. (and what is hidden is greater)
Zakat of money goes out of his deeds and income and his children after him do good deeds
He was consulting
His Eminence Sheikh / Farag Mansour
In religious matters, which attended his washing after his death in the month of 8, 2003 00
His children:
- Captain Ali (pilot)
- Mrs. Malak is married to a professor of Syrian university
- Mr. Mustafa
- The late / Mahmoud
- Mr. Karim and conducts business in Egypt
000 May Allah have mercy on this great man and dwell him in his spacious paradise

And this is the British Army front door bell I acquired during during the demolition cost 200le.
And it still works installed in my 'mud shack.
Any further info gladly received...... 8) ... 8098334448

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Re: Vandalism..

Post by carrie »

A friend of mine was allowed into the building about a year after the sisters died.
She took photos which she showed me, I couldn't believe it. One room was full of used light bulbs, junk everywhere and the place literally falling apart.
If you look carefully at the building now you can see the cracks slowly spreading not long for this world that building, What a shame.