Good Luck Superstitions.

There is still great magic in Egypt and the rest of the world. The paranormal, astrology, leylines, rituals, telepathy and ESP interest us all. Discuss the mysterious aspects of life that appeal to your sixth sense here.

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Good Luck Superstitions.

Post by WIZARD »

Good Luck Superstitions

Fingers Crossed - By making the sign of the Christian faith with our fingers, evil spirits would be prevented from destroying our chances of good fortune.

Knock on Wood - It was believed that good spirits lived in trees, and that by knocking on anything made from wood, we could call upon these spirits for protection against misfortune.

Saying God Bless You When Somebody Sneezes. When the great plague swept Europe., sufferers began sneezing violently which was a sign of death. The Pope therefore passed a law requiring people to bless the sneezer. At the same time, it was expected that anybody sneezing would cover their mouth with a cloth or their hand. This was obviously to stop the spreading of the disease, but many believed that it was to keep the soul intact. Sneezing 'into the air' would allow the soul to escape and death would be imminent. Up until this time, the opposite was true. Those who sneezed were congratulated, as it was believed that a violent sneeze would expel evil from their bodies.

A robin flying into the house

Sneezing 3 times before breakfast

Meeting 3 sheep

Looking at the new moon over your right shoulder

A 4-leaf clover

Spilling wine while proposing a toast

Putting a dress on inside out

9 peas in a pea pod

Hearing crickets singing

Picking up a pin Dropping a glove

A horseshoe Peacock feathers

Cutting your hair during a storm

Sleeping facing south

White heather

Picking up a pencil in the street

Breaking clear and uncolored glass

Walking in the rain

Sleeping on un-ironed sheets

Avoiding cracks in the sidewalk

An itch on the top of your head

Scissors hanging an a hook

A ladybug on you

Carrying an acorn on your person will ensure good luck & longevity!

To find a four-leaf clover means immense good luck, so keep it safe, if you lose it

To pick up a piece of coal that has fallen in your path.

To have one's garments caught up by a bush or briar when out walking is a promise of good luck, involving monetary gain.

New enterprises will be fortunate if begun at the time of the new moon.

If by chance you meet the same person twice when you are out on business. It is even luckier if you encounter him once when you are setting out and again when you are returning.

Dolphins swimming nearby a ship

A naked woman on board a boat is said to calm the seas.

Golfers can have a successful day on the course if they start their round with odd numbered clubs and don't use balls with numbers higher than 4

To set out for golfing on a rainy day

See a penny, pick it up; all day long you will have good luck.


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Post by redsaffy »

Hummmmm have partaken in some of thoughs to!!! silly really but can't help it!! :oops:
Everything Is As It Should Be For Now Any Way!!

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Post by FABlux »

[glow=green]Sleeping on un-ironed sheets [/glow]
Hey that's a good excuse ;)

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Post by Phantom »

FABlux wrote:[glow=green]Sleeping on un-ironed sheets [/glow]
Hey that's a good excuse ;)
I must be extremely lucky then :oops:
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Post by Kiya »

Sleeping facing south another new 1 for me :) no luck though :lol:
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Post by Lisak »

Walking in the rain
Virtually every walk I've been on in the lakes so far this year it has been raining, and I arrive at Kilimanjaro at the end of the rainy season, so if it rains on me there, I might just get up the mountain, will need all the help I can get!!
Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain.

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