Have you ever met "soulmates"??

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have you ever met a soulmate??

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I don't believe in soulmates.
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Have you ever met "soulmates"??

Post by Miriamkhalifa »

Firstly do you think that real soulmates exist, and if so what do you think this is ??

When I say soulmates, I mean a friend of any age or gender that you feel very connected to, to the extent that you feel that you know everything about each other, and always have, even if you just met in real life.

I have - twice. Second one recently, first one in 2003. it is so special to have someone who speak ones thoughts, and also recognizes this "bond". We both feel this powerful connection, without understanding why it is there.

If you don't believe such "soulmates" exist, what do you think causes this experience? :mrgreen:

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Post by Aromagician »

I think we do have soul connections. This does not always work out well however.

We can be instantly attracted to a person because we have shared a past life together, and have karma that needs to be worked through. Then often when the karma is worked out, it is all over.

I also think of soul groups, where people can reincarnate over and over again as a group, each time maybe different people- a Mother, next time, your brother, your daughter etc etc...

A soul has no gender.

I was talking about this with someone the other night who said he had been told that his girlfriend wasnt his soul mate. He said already felt that she wasnt.

I said to him, for her to be your soul mate, you have to treat her like she is. When I was younger I was looking for my soul mate. Now I am older, and have had relationships with "the One" several times, I am a bit more of the opinion, that commitment, common goals and interests, and respect, all need to come into the equation for a long lasting love.
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