There is still great magic in Egypt and the rest of the world. The paranormal, astrology, leylines, rituals, telepathy and ESP interest us all. Discuss the mysterious aspects of life that appeal to your sixth sense here.

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Post by drwho »

I've been pondering repartition recently. 'They say it's good for the soul.
What with rote and stuff it's obviously a red-print meditation similar to i'll be rich when I'm 20, or i'll be thin when I get married it's the power of 'positive thinking at work.
Back to the point I'm currently into the Staughton Lick, Lemon Jelly which in-itself is a simple repetitive lick after a few hours it's possible to relise the simplicity of repartion how it can affect one's health & to-boot happines, you should give it a try, Dr's orders... 8)
"Don't take my word all the World's religions swear by it....

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Post by Horus »

If you thought that the riffs in Status Quo were crap, you should listen to this lot :P lick, lick :mrgreen:
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Post by Bullet Magnet »

Interesting light show on the backdrop. I love that sort of stuff.

The Music ? possibly.. with an "heroic" big fat reefer on the go in a dark room, 8) who knows.. ;)

Confession, and classical music, that is good for the soul so they say.

I'm with you on Quo Horus... Sad thing is, Francis Rossi is a brilliant guitarist (outside of Quo).

Ritchie Blackmore, kicks ass. Superb musician from the very old school..

Forgot..repartition the Mother of learning..
There's a time for everyone, if they only learn
That the twisting kaleidoscope moves us all in turn.
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