Queen Kiya

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Queen Kiya

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Well I decided to post here because I feel as though that I was in the wrong section of this forum.

My next topic was actually the main reasons why I pushed forward with my story. Its about my mother Kiya.

As you all have heard me explained, she was banished out of Amarna because she killed Nefertiti leaving my eldest sister behind and taking me with her. Even before her banishment her main concern was of my future she wanted to make sure that I had my place in the palace. One time as I was doing my usual wondering around the temple i bare witness of this concern.

She and Nefertiti were talking and one of the topics were about me and my place in Amarna. " He's too young" Nefertiti told my mother with a devious smile. My mother had a sad look on her face when Nefertiti muttered those words. Being so young I had no clue as to who and what that they were talking about but it became clear later down the line that the person they were talking about was myself.

As I said it was destined for a Thutmosis to become the next king and Tutankhamen was next in line(or so it seemed). I don't know what or who set Nefertiti in motion to act in such way to commit murder but it was likely the works of my father. The later of which caused these incidents to occur is a mystery.

On the day of her banishment my mother stood tall before my father with me by her side awaiting his final rule. In her mind she probably thought that he wouldn't rule against her because she was his beloved and favorite, but her thoughts were wrong and it shook her to the core when he decided to banish her away from Amarna. She argued to take me and my sister away from him and we would never see him again but my father only allowed one of us to go and it was me.

"Go" my father waved his hand signaling us to leave his sight and that's what we did. Because of this my sister Tentenaten( or Tenta-aten) grew to dislike me and we were never able to reconnect in our adulthood.

Away I went with my mother and her two guards who witnessed Nefertiti's fiasco. We left very early in the morning just before everyone got out of bed. I was asleep myself and awoke to find myself in a carriage I looked up at the sky and saw how relatively close the Amarna buildings were. My mother had this very sad look on her face that I will never forget.

" I'll never forget what he had done to me" she would muttered as she told me of stories of her time in Amarna. My mother never quite healed from her pain in Amarna. This sadness stucked with her for most of her life but this was not the end for more bad things were to come.

18 years has passed and I was 19 years old. and ever since I was a young boy my mother watched over me even when I kissed my first companion which shocked her. I think right there and then my mother made her decision to send me off to Egypt.

She called me up to her silk covered throne guarded by her two loyal guards and told me to "Go to Egypt" and off to Egypt i went to live with my sisters Ankh, Mery, Setepenre, and Tentenaten. I haven't seen my sisters in a long time and they were very happy to see me. I was to be a mere palace servant to prince Seti I. immediately as I got to my sisters house I had to report to Seti's palace which was overlooking the city. It took a while to get to his palace because it was a great distance from my sister's house.

As we entered the room, all eyes went on me. Everyone whispered at each other about me and were snickering. Seti seemed to be not interested in my service at first but his attitude changed later on. You see, I had to undergo some interview with Seti. He asked me the normal questions my age

Age: 19 years old
My name he asked: Amenhotep, the son of Neferneferkeprure-Waere and Tadukhipa-Kiya but everyone called me Hung Foot

"are you going to bring back the Aten" Seti teased me making everyone laugh "If you tempt me enough then I will" I sassed back which made the room silent, shocked Ankh and Mery. They looked up to Seti wondering what to expect from him but to everyone's surprised he smiled and hired me. As much as I hated the Rammesides this one had a thing for me.

I paid Seti's lust for me for many reasons for plenty reasons. How he and the royals were treating my sisters, the death of my first love and the execution of Beketaten and the elite were flat out mean to most of us. My mother got wind of what was going on and she tried everything in her power to stop Seti in his tracks. One paper read Kiya sought the El a gala, whomever that was. My mother's final attempt was when she came herself to set us free from our bondange.

She was unsuccessful as Seti banished her again but from Egypt. My mother was left shocked where she stood. My sisters broke out in tears but i broke out in a fit. that final moment when My mother looked upon my eyes with that sad look ate me up even to this day it still brings me tears in my eyes. As soon as she left I tried to run after her wanting desperately to leave that hell hole but by the time I went outside she was gone and in an instant. this moment left all of us pretty devastated, but I was even more than my sisters. My hate for Seti increased over time until he saved my arm from being bitten off at a pond. My interest in Seti came when he started to get show his feelings if you know what I mean.

My sisters Ankh and Mery especially didn't approve of this. I failed to see the bigger picture what Seti was really doing. My sister Ankh came storming into the King's palace with some papers that she was trying to show me. Seti smacks my sister down onto the ground

"Are you trying to destroy my kingdom?" Seti questions Ankh " No she cries" squirming backwards from the King. I asked Seti about these papers that my sister held in her hands. "I was trying to protect the kingdom" Seti cried being blinded by my love for this man I believed him and never questioned him about these papers. Its until that day when Seti rode in with his son and uttered those words "Back away servant" is when my heart stopped and shattered for Seti and that's when I Became rebellious.

It was me who helped orchestra the Nubian Rebellion, telling my new found friends who to get around Seti's palace and steal his riches. We would have been successful in our little campaign in Irem if I didn't took the initiative to attack Seti myself( if was my Nubian Lover who was supposed to slew Seti) I attacked Seti in blind rage thinking that I had him where I wanted when I really didn't and here I am today stuck with an immortal wound that seems to ache like its still very fresh. I think my death was even more devastating to my family. I never got any word if my mother was dead within that time frame so she may have outlived me and I guarantee that the news of my passing she did not take well.

Kiya onced lived a lavish life but it quickly became a sad one filled with lost and suffering.

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