A book in all of us!

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A book in all of us!

Post by HEPZIBAH »

I've oft heard said that there is a book in all of us. I'm not so sure about a book but there is usually a good story or two to be told!

Have you ever had a go at writing 'your' story? What about poetry?

I know that some of our members have shared their writings with us in the past and it would be lovely if they, and newer members, would be willing to share their writing with us too. :)

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it is what you do with what happens to you.
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Post by Who2 »

When I rabbit on incessantly which is my want, people try to stop my flow of conscious thought by saying 'You should write a book'
It doesn't work, loads of my mates write books, it's really not that easy.
Anyhow, my life has been far too busy too remember it all, even given a 'ghostwriter trying to piece it all together from his boring standpoint of a ghostwriting life.
Then there is publishing, not a problem, Iv'e screwed a few but it's not an easy path less travelled...."many are called, but few are chosen.....8)
Don't let me stop you by trying.....
PS: I once wrote two 3O page booklets on 'How to survive Prison with pictures, but were confiscated by HM The Queen. You tell me why ?

Mad Dilys
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Post by Mad Dilys »

Do you still carry your notebook? That has caused much suspicion before. :) :lol:
Smile! It confuses people

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Post by Bullet Magnet »

I guess many of us have a story or two to tell that we feel may be of interest to others.

If it's only a short story, then why not put it here and give it an airing ?
Its a good place to start.

I have mine, no one believed them, the reaction eroded my beliefs for many years, despite the reminders that were being sent to me..
Makes no difference now, it will all become apparent soon enough.. 8)

Don't let that put you off, I never had any intentions of becoming an Author, there's far too much to be getting on with in the outside world for me to be sitting bound to a desk and keyboard.

Who know's ? there could be another J.K Rowling or Edgar Allan Poe on this site.. Acorns and all that !

Do It !! 8)
There's a time for everyone, if they only learn
That the twisting kaleidoscope moves us all in turn.

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Post by hatusu »

I think there is possibly a book in all of us, but unfortunately very few of us have got the talent of presentatiion like Miriam Khalifa showed us last night at the Book Club. "Nude in Hijab" was a tantalising extract specially translated for us - tantalssng becasue we all want more but unfortunately its not published in English yet. However Miriams first novel has sold thousands already in Norway, and is on the Best Sellers list there, so hopefully we may get to read the ending eventually. And no she wouldnt tell us what the ending is - but perhaps there isnt one, because she has aready started on the followup.

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