Reading for wedding

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Reading for wedding

Post by Ronnielane »

I am attending a Chickasaw wedding in the Spring in Luxor! It is sad that a lot of the culture has disappeared but it is promising to hear about what Chickasaw stewardship is working to accomplish. I'm here because I need a reading for the wedding that will relevant to the Chickasaw tribe. I would like for it to be beautiful and leave a lasting impression on my best friends family and friends. Thanks for any suggestions you can offer me.

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Post by HEPZIBAH »

Have you thought about reminding them of one of the Chickasaw legends such as Ababinili and the Humans and relating it to the couple?

Ababinili and the Humans - A Chickasaw Legend

The Moon, Sun, Wind, Rainbow, Thunder, Fire and Water came to visit with Ababinili along with one human. Thunder asked Ababinili if he would make the people of the world his children. Ababinili told him, "No, they can't be your children, but they can be your grandchildren. If anything arises which is heavy on the people of the world, you can be their sinker for those things."

The Sun asked the same question and Ababinili answered this way, "No, they can't be your children, but they can be your friends and grandchildren. You can be only for the purpose of giving them light to lead them through this life."

Then the Moon asked if they could be his children. Ababinili said to him, "No, I can't do that but they can be your nephews and friends."

Fire then asked if the people of the world could be made his children, and Ababinili replied saying, "No, the people of this world can't be your children, but they can be your grandchildren. While they are growing up, you can keep them warm and cook their foods so they can eat well."

Now Wind asked Ababinili if she could have the humans as her children, but again, Ababinili said, "No, they can't be your children, but they can be your grandchildren so you can remove the unclean air and all kinds of diseases."

Next, Rainbow asked for the people of the earth to be hers. Ababinili replied saying, "No, they can't be your children, but you can prevent floods and rainy weather when it's not needed. You can honor yourself that way."

Then Water asked if he could be father to all the people of the earth. "No, the people of the earth can't be your children. What you can do is wash them clean so they can live long and healthy lives. We will name you Misha Sapohkne, for this reason."

Ababinili then said to all of them, "I have told you all how to guide yourselves and what to do. You must remember that these children are my children." This is what the old ones used to tell us.
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