Way down in upper Egypt

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Way down in upper Egypt

Post by jewel »

This is a delightful book by Jonna Castle, one of the founders of the Egyptian Study Society ( ESS) at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and whose passion is evident in the book.
I had it given as a gift but would recommend it to ant Egyptophile, and anyone interested in daily life in Luxor and beyond.

One incident recalled, on a very hot day, after sailing on a felucca to Bannana island:

"On this afternoon my stomach was making a lot of noise, reminding me that I had not given it any nourishment since yesterday noon. I inquired to one of the waiters who lived there on the island if there was any place to buy food. His response: "No Madame, but if you like Egyptian food my wife will make you something and I will bring it here."

A short snapshot of Egyptian hospitality.

About the driving:

"in defence of the drivers, they seem to be quite alert when in these dark situations and it is common practice to give the headlights a very quick flash if they are aware of oncoming traffic. It's just to say " Hey, I'm over here." The purpose of driving without lights is also a very practical one. One's vehicle lights could temporarily blind the oncoming driver and cause an accident. After they "flash" the oncoming vehicle, they politely turn off the lights again. Very scary."

It is filled with many similar anecdotes and is a good read.

WAY DOWN IN UPPER EGYPT - A Western woman's life along the Nile; in depth and intimate.
Jonna Castle Author house 2013

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Re: Way down in upper Egypt

Post by newcastle »

Sounds an interesting read. Re driving with no lights, I've heard many explanations. How do you see the oncoming vehicle, and flash them, if THEY also have no lights ?? I think Egyptians must have echo location. I've always said they're bats. :lol:

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Re: Way down in upper Egypt

Post by Who2 »

Obviously Jonna is not a driver if by chance she is God help other road users….. :cool:
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Re: Way down in upper Egypt

Post by Dusak »

There is nothing worse than getting a quick and unexpected flash on the road in pitch blackness. :cg
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