Zucked: Waking Up To The Facebook Catastrophe

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Zucked: Waking Up To The Facebook Catastrophe

Post by hatusu »

Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe
Written by Roger McNamee, an early investor in Facebook

Quote from the book
“This is a story about power. It describes how even the best of ideas , in the hands of people with good intentions, can still go terribly wrong……..I think the day will come sooner than I ever imagined when the world will recognise that the value users receive from the Facebook dominated social media/attention economy revolution masked an unmitigated disaster for our democracy, for public health, for personal privacy, and for the economy.”

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Re: Zucked: Waking Up To The Facebook Catastrophe

Post by HEPZIBAH »

Whilst I am a regular user of Facebook, I have to agree with that quote. It can be a great medium for communication when used properly but, like all things, it can also be a deadly place when used badly. It is a sad fact of our age that the wonder tool 'the internet' is not as wonderful as first envisaged.
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