Metzger Cecil Hotel.

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Metzger Cecil Hotel.

Post by Hafiz » Tue Oct 09, 2018 4:08 pm

Metzger Cecil Hotel.

The Jewish owner was expelled from Egypt in 1957, the hotel was nationalized in 1962, the government ‘paid’ $29,000 (1962 rates) for the hotel and the incompetent EGOTH, the government owner of seized/stolen Jewish/Western hotels, showed no guilt or morals in fighting the Jewish owners in Egyptian courts and international arbitration over 50 years for a proper payment. Metzger went on to Tanzania and owned the very good New Africa in Dar and had that nationalized, probably without compensation, by that rabid socialist Nyerere who killed lots of his people pursuing the perfect Russian dream – and getting rid of outsiders.

In 2007 they got somewhere around $US3 million (a state secret for fear of setting a precedent for many other claims).

Maybe EHOTH’S/HOTAC’S 2018 morals are better – I don’t think so because there are other international arbitrations, all lost, because Egyptian behavior was found to be violent, unreasonable and borderline criminal.

(Interestingly, and unbelievably until quite recently Egyptian courts did not allow for inflation in giving judgment so that old figures were treated as if they were current – even I can’t believe that the senile Egyptian judicial system could be so mad – but they were/are) Jewish Property Claims Against Arab Countries By Michael R. Fischbach p. 177. Egyptian courts have been uniform in denying such claims against the government which is why no major investor in Egypt signs the contract in Egypt and why there are somewhere between $US10-20 billion in contractual claims in the international arbitration system against the government - the gas cut-off of Israel in 2011 led to a $US1-2 billion arbitration damages loss in Feb '18 against Egypt. ... -1.5827455 (not I think mentioned in al Ahram)

The awful Chaity’s German company manages the stolen property and this should have provided some opportunities for civil or criminal actions in German courts (sensitive to Jewish dispossession) against this appalling family. Maybe a jail term in the future for them – lets hope its long. The Caity’s manage it less well than their tax and its ratings by western tourists is far from good. A few of the high ratings appear self-interested fabrications – lies are something this family does well. (anyone staying at a Steigenberger needs to ask themselves the question - do I want to give my money to help really bad people prosper?)

Legal actions based on unfair expropriation against the western operators of the Mena, Cataract, Winter Palace and many other stolen assets raises real opportunities for ‘no win, no fee’ lawyers – 100’s of millions.

As many know the bulk of the great 4 and 5 star hotels in Egypt were established or owned for extended periods by Jewish people.

Most others who had their property stolen and were then tossed out have not been successful in the Egyptian courts but it looks like the US courts may assert jurisdiction which is sure to be bad news for the Government of Egypt and its court system that always finds against Jews (and other groups tipped out) and always finds for the Government. The US Alien Tort Claims Law – mention it to your friends. Given the drought on western investment now could be a good time for some huge PR driven legal actions and quick secret settlements. ... rights-law

Camp David which Egypt signed provided for fair and legal compensation for those thrown out – including Greeks, Armenians, Italians, Brits and others. Egypt took the cash from the US under the agreement but ‘failed’ to implement its side of the deal. Not untypical.

In recent years the unreasonable behavior of the Government in relation to Jewish birth records held in Egypt is designed to prevent further Jewish success in the courts. In essence they oppose the copying of Jewish records and the removal of those copies outside Egypt. One effect of this is that the descendants of Egyptian Jews who now live abroad are unable to obtain information on their family background. It is likely that similar games are played with land property titles.

At the same time all religious relics over 100 years in all Egyptian Jewish Synagogues are prohibited from export even though the aged community is now down to 5 or below, even though they cannot be properly be looked after, even though there is no museum in Egypt to display or look after them and even though there are religious communities in the West that want to use them. Hawass was the driver in this madness.

How can a country expect to be treated reasonably and fairly by other countries or persons when it refuses to behave the same way?

Here is a good joke. One of those tipped out of their hotels in Egypt were also the owners of the famous King David in Jerusalem, one of the most famous hotels, and superbly designed in Deco style, in the world. ($US800-900 per night) The hideous Trump stayed there recently but no head of state would dare stay in a Cairo hotel. Moving on. Through some mad advice the Government of Egypt decided that its 'takeover' of the Egyptian hotels or of a Jewish bank gave them some legal right to the King David. About 10 years ago they hired an Israeli Arab lawyer to commence a civil action. As is always the case with the government in all things they hired someone no one had ever heard of to launch this complex claim. As is always the case with Egyptian commercial decisions they hired a crook who ripped them off for a few million in fees but did nothing to advance the case. They are still at it, so to speak, with new lawyers no one has heard of and millions more into the matter. The Jerusalem Post and others think they have a 1% chance of success. The Cairo legal advice on this matter to the Cabinet was probably no better a London articled clerk but such skills would launch you to the peak of the Egyptian legal profession. ... el-stocks/ ... y-shekels/

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