The revolution is dead...long live the revolution!

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The revolution is dead...long live the revolution!

Post by jewel »

A very good article by Adhaf Soueif today highlights the real losses from the recent actions taken by the Egyptian people, and sadly there are no winners in all this.

A coup is a coup and instead of following democratic principles this is exactly what happened, and people like so called liberalist Mohamed Baradi denied it and went along with the what point did he realise his mistake?
And the military will not stop at the MB, oh no, they will suppress any others who may disagree with the regime.

Morsi may not have been good for democracy, but those of his opponents who have backed a military coup have done far more damage to any hope of a democratic Egypt than he ever has.
The west, and certainly the USA are as much to blame, as often western countries fuel grossly optimistic and materialistic visions of the future to those living under dictatorships, and see the chance for exploitation, surely now is the time for the USA to cut the massive funding it gives the Egyptian army?

Much as I oppose the MB or any "extremism" I have to say what has happened inEgypt is deeply flawed and does not bode well for the future of the country. The way to deal with an unpopular ruling party is to have elections, fair and square, instead of the squalid mess that has resulted. The truth will out, and will be painful. ... rhood-army

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