Cairo Airport Lounges

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Cairo Airport Lounges

Post by HEPZIBAH »

I'd welcome any useful information regarding the lounges at Cairo Airport please.

I can see they are listed on the Cairo Airport website but there is no actual information as to qualification for use e.g membership schemes, or price; the times they are open; book or just turn up; contact information etc.

Hope someone has some practical experience of using them and can help. Thanks.

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Re: Cairo Airport Lounges

Post by carrie »

I'm sure that everyone is not ignoring you Hepzibah just that we don't know. :)

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Re: Cairo Airport Lounges

Post by Horus »

Hepzi, in my experience airport lounges are mostly ticket dependant, usually with a business or first class ticket. Cairo’s lounges seem to be run on the same lines, so if you wish to use one of them you need to check with your carrier. When I used to travel to Lagos in Nigeria I would always insist upon the ticket including the BA lounge facility which was a haven of tranquillity after spending a week in somewhere like Ikedja (the anus of the world). The real benefit is that everything is usually available to you from food and drink to all office type equipment, phones faxes etc. and the opportunity to freshen up and or shower if you wish. Value wise I would say its great if someone else (corporation or company) is picking up the tab, but if you are paying the cost then I would have to decide if it was actually worth it if the general airport facilities were OK to start with or the duration of use was fairly short.

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Re: Cairo Airport Lounges

Post by newcastle »

The TripAdvisor blog doesn't make it sound too appetising....but maybe it's improved since 2013 :lol: . ... orate.html

The following info may be more up-to-date.....maybe.... ... irport.htm

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Re: Cairo Airport Lounges

Post by Bombay »

The one in domestic is fine you need premium ticket or Egyptair plus card.

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