Egyptian cabinet approves three-month state of emergency

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Egyptian cabinet approves three-month state of emergency

Post by DJKeefy »

Egypt’s cabinet approved on Monday a decision to impose a nationwide state of emergency for three months starting 10 April at 1 pm.

In a statement issued on Monday, the cabinet explained the reasons for the move.

"The state of emergency allows both the armed forces and the police to execute those procedures necessary to combat the threats of terrorism and its financing, maintain security around the country and protect public and private property, as well as preserving the lives of citizens," the statement read.

Monday’s approval follows the announcement by Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi late on Sunday that a three-month state of emergency would be imposed in the wake of terrorist attacks on two cathedrals in Tanta and Alexandria during Palm Sunday services.

El-Sisi had issued an earlier decree ordering the armed forces to help the police in securing vital facilities all over the country.

On Sunday, during Palm Sunday masses, two deadly blasts hit St. George Cathedral in Tanta and St. Mark's Cathedral in Alexandria, killing 45 and injuring dozens more.

The combined attacks represent one of the deadliest attacks on Coptic Christians in years.

The Islamic State group's Egypt affiliate claimed responsibility for the bombings.

According to Egypt’s 2014 constitution, Article 154 stipulates that the Egyptian president can declare a state of emergency, in a manner regulated by law, after consultation with cabinet.

However, any such proclamation must be submitted to parliament within the following seven days for their consideration. The declaration of a state of emergency must be approved by a majority of MPs.

A state of emergency can only be declared for a stated three-month period, after which it can only be extended with the approval of parliament.



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Re: Egyptian cabinet approves three-month state of emergency

Post by Who2 »

I feel a lot safer now, cheers!... 8)
I still wonder where the 60th Tomahawk missile is, probably on the back a a truck somewhere, in some desert.

My friends are all devastated by it, and thats not 'religion speaking it's their humanity.
Every century throws up their 'nutters and their rulers and their evil men, it's cyclic... 8)
Ps: Bet Trump goes to DEFCON 3....
What happens at DEFCON 1 ?
You have to try a Tazer out, on either yourself or an unsuspecting- friend, just to see if it's really working, don't you ?
Bit like those little 'pizzio elec mosquito things that takes away the pain, but slightly stronger.....
I alway's think I'd feel guilty if I had tested it on the cats, mind you it stunned the goldfish...
"The Salvation of Mankind lies in making everything the responsibility of All"

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Re: Egyptian cabinet approves three-month state of emergency

Post by John Landon »

What happens at DEFON 1 ?

Sit on the floor, assume the Lotus position, place your thumb and index finger on each hand together, lower you head all the way, and kiss your ar5e goodbye.... :ks

On the plus side, Mankind will no longer need to ponder the afterlife. On the downside, I imagine the contention for Wifi In heaven will increase significantly.

If you want to stay ahead of the game when you arrive @ the pearly gates, and update your Facebook status to "feeling cripsy"
the Wifi Password is XxLucy666xX :cg

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