Egypt's zoos

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Egypt's zoos

Post by newcastle »

Senior Editor Eihab Boraie returns to the Giza Zoo to capture on video the horrific conditions causing regular death of animals. To find out how we can end the cycle of animal abuse, we reached out to activists who created a draft law to protect animals, which the government continues to ignore

Fighting for animal rights isn't an attempt to undermine the rights of the people, but rather it highlights our humanity. Ideally, Egypt would just close all their zoos and convert them into affordable parks, but that isn't likely to happen anytime soon. Animals are dying and being tortured. Not just at the Giza Zoo, but in all of Egypt's zoos at this very moment.

A disturbing report on the Giza zoo ...and others. ... orrid-Zoos



I doubt there will be any change in the situation for many years, if at all, despite protests, publicity, petitions etc.

For whatever reason, Egypt is incapable of housing animals in satisfactory conditions and ALL its zoos should be closed down immediately.

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Re: Egypt's zoos

Post by Horus »

I hate circuses and I dislike zoos, well most of them at any rate, although I appreciate that many do serve a necessary purpose in animal conservation. Even in the UK we still get some bad reports of animal mistreatment especially in the smaller privately run ones, but overall our standards are good. To my mind no wild animal should be seen as entertainment and made to perform and in the case of a zoo then providing they are part of a breeding or conservation program and kept in natural and humane conditions then I’m OK with that. Many animals are prolific breeders in captivity and usually have a longer lifespan than in the wild, so I suppose in that sense we can call them domesticated as they are not taken from the wild and any off springs are usually exchanged between various zoos worldwide. Most UK zoos are exceptionally good in the space they give to their animals and many attempt to create a natural and stimulating environment for them and quite a few will actually put the visitors access and viewing rights as very secondary to the animals well being, so you may stand all day trying to see the Jaguar, but if they don’t wish to leave their pseudo forest then that’s your bad luck. Certainly no animal should just be put in a cage and exhibited, even a bird should be in an open aviary that it can fly around in.

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Re: Egypt's zoos

Post by Dusak »

What do you expect? They treat their own even worse, so these animals stand no chance.
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