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Egypt - Traditional Crafts

Post by HEPZIBAH »

From Cairo Scene


This exhibition provides a taste of Egypt's artisan culture and draws in visitors from all over the world.

Working to showcase Egyptian talent and heritage, the second round of the International Handicrafts Show (IHS) will take place from the 15th—24th of November 2017 at the Egypt Expo and Convention Centre in Nasr City.
Handmade goods on including arts and crafts, accessories, clothes, fur, fabric, carpets and rugs, pottery, woodworking, metalwork, stonework, paper and graphics tools and glass are presented at the show by exhibitors from all around the country. Exhibitors include artisans, designers, NGOs, retail stores and export companies.


The exhibition is an international platform for cultural exchange and a chance to connect the global market of handicraft products.
“The goal of the international show for Egyptian handicrafts is to help place Egypt’s home decoration and textile industries on the global map. This would greatly benefit the economy and will increase foreign currency inflows through the exporting of locally made handicrafts,” says Hisham El Gazzar, vice chairman of Egypt Export Council for Handicrafts and Chamber of Handicrafts, and board member of Federation of Egypt industry.
Last year the show spread over 500 square metres and was attended by 125 exhibitors and 40,000 visitors. The event also made a massive revenue of LE 12 million.
“We set the target to triple these figures. Also, last year we had 15 professional buyers, this year we are targeting 60 international buyers,” explains Gazzar.
IHS is where tradition and innovation meet, featuring unique pieces of handicrafts. It is a chance for homegrown talent to flourish and young Egyptian designers who graduated from applied arts schools to reach their potential.
“This exhibition solidifies, what I like to call the ‘golden triangle.’ By that I mean it strengthens the link between local artisan, designers and marketers. It allows them to get to know each other and interact,” says Gazzar.


If you’re looking to spice up your living room or wardrobe or need to buy some gifts for your friends and family, you now know where to go. Entry is through the purchase of a CD costing LE 20 and a catalogue for LE 50 is offered to families.
The first two days, are designated to international buys and VIP (entry is strictly by invitations only), then the exhibition will be open to the public from 17th-24th November.



Photo Credits: Ahram Online/Lamia Hassan ... nal-Crafts

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Re: Egypt - Traditional Crafts

Post by carrie »

Oh I would have loved to go to that, pity they don't come down to Luxor. Going for my visa today and if everything goes well then I might just take a trip up to Cairo. Thanks Hepzibah.

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Re: Egypt - Traditional Crafts

Post by Winged Isis »

I posted this in October last year, which may interest carrie and others if visiting Cairo:

Carpe diem! :le:

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