Evolution in Egypt.

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Evolution in Egypt.

Post by Hafiz »

Evolution in Egypt.

No I don’t mean THAT – I mean Darwin and the geneticists that followed him including, oddly, the Czech, Augustinian friar Mendel who applied the theory to the selection and development of plants and used this to build the theory of genes. (ignored in his lifetime, never suppressed by his church and he's still in a bit of a back seat in the modern history of evolution/genes/DNA)

Some people assume that Egypt absorbs western values and knowledge at its own pace. I think this example and maybe the treatment of women starkly illustrate that that the screaming obvious is aggressively resisted and attacked after generations. Its never disproved because that would require a brain and hard work.

Most people think that the modern versions of Darwin and Evolution are just about human development but and forget its also about plants and animals.

The ignorant still doubt it in places like the religious right of the USA – although they run off to hospitals to get medical treatments from the modern science that flows from genetic and DNA theory. Far right Christian farmers reject it but breed their plants and animals better because of it. How they embrace one and reject the other shows how stupid they are.

Russia under Stalin rejected it because it didn’t fit with Communist dogma (that a ‘new Man’ and maybe new plants could be ‘created’ by merely restructuring power in society/abandoning capitalism) and persecuted and killed some of its best scientists. https://theconversation.com/the-tragic- ... ence-72580.

The Stalinist Lysenko idea, more political power than 4th rate science, that a communist society could fundamentally and permanently change the basic characteristics of people was applied to plants and animals leading to starvation and deaths in the millions throughout the communist world – including millions in China – and the purging of universities. Stalin liked and promoted Lysenko and he was the ‘greatest intellect in the history of the world’. Their greatest living real genetic biologist, a truly great scientist, was banged up by the KGB and died in prison probably after a KGB beating and thus shutting up all the opposition to the Lysenko rant.

It should surprise no one that the authoritarian, one party state of Putin, with its awful universities, is bringing the idiot Lysenko back. https://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles ... al-science. Maybe the new genetics will get Russian men to live beyond an average age of 64 years.

Whether this mad view of plant genetics has force in Egypt I’m unclear except to say that agricultural science and biology in Egypt is close to the worst in the world which is very odd for a society with 10-12 million on farms whose productivity lags the world.

Educated people are still confused and Richard Dawkins said in 2006 UK based Muslim medical students were distributing leaflets opposing Evolution. The leaflets were published by the Nasr Center. These students should have been failed not for their views but because of their stupidity and poor knowledge of basic biology and DNA. Such views might have [ractical effects in the practice of medicine - including in Egypt see belowhttps://www.qiraat.net/media/downloads/process/ ... rd_dawkins...

Evolution is suppressed by Islam but they chose the benefits of its thinking including its associated theories like DNA to save their lives. Hypocrites, they should be consistent and reject the medical benefits of evolution it and die in their tens of millions.

Whether such ignorance is widespread in Egypt is hard to tell but a few things indicate that it is. For example modern DNA medicine tells us that close marriages, consanguineous, are bad for child birth defects yet al Azhar, and maybe Egyptian medicine, is silent on this. These marriages are widespread in rural and particularly Upper Egypt. Older fathers also increase birth defects but this again is widespread in rural areas. Poor diet and disease affects the development of DNA, IQ and body function of the fetus but billions of western money into Egypt to deal with this has had little effect. I wonder whether this is in part due to primitive views about evolution/DNA etc by doctors.

The governments announcement a few years ago that they had cured HepC and AIDS showed a few things including that the ruling elite lacked even the most basic knowledge of virology/DNA and were the most ignorant/stupid in the world – along with 4 Egyptian doctors who signed off on this fiasco (who were subsequently unmasked as Jewish spies).

I can find no coherent and scientific view on evolution by the Copts although they reject it but for reasons they don't or can't give. This continues nearly 1,000 years of backward thinking not just in science and related but their theology is laughably primitive. They seem to get pleasure with sticking to old ideas and never revising them/reconsidering/finding new interpretations in the light of changes in theology/philosophy/the facts of everyday life. Its a religion heading to the graveyard at the speed of light.

It seems true that Hawass absolutely prohibited DNA testing of mummies whilst he was in control, and after, and that the DNA work has generally been done on mummies in western collections. Those collections of course should, according to Hawass, be returned for the great work that Egyptians will do on then. What work? https://www.nature.com/news/2011/110427 ... 2404a.html. The exception to this was the Discovery Chanel King Tut DNA analysis which all/most western scientists thought scientifically flawed. Why would anyone be surprised that a careful matter done by Hawass was flawed? It probably delivered a few coins into Hawass’s pocket so who cares.

There is something about absolute dictatorships that rejects Evolution and the genetic code that goes with it - DNA – maybe its their dogmatic thinking.

Since the Qur‘ān does not provide as many details regarding theistic or God guided evolution as appear in Genesis, Muslims could if they wanted argue that Darwinian evolution does not directly contradict or harm Islamic teachings. But they don’t.

There are major scholars of the Muslim world, some very well known, such as [Mohamed Said Ramadan] Al Bouti, and the Sheiks of Al Azhar [University, Egypt] who have spoken very strongly against evolution and have sometimes branded people who believe evolution as heretics. http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/pro ... od/5822276

General public views on Evolution are clouded but an Egypt survey in 2007 said that 8% believed in it, probably mainly in Cairo, and other reports are that classrooms are ignorant beyond belief on it. Even Professors of Zoology at the black hole, Cairo University believe it with plants and animals but not humans. How a scientist can believe it in one part of creation but not the other shows that this man is an intellectual garbage heap. https://www.egyptindependent.com/percep ... nd-beyond/ A 2000 Faraday/Cambridge study found differences between religions and surprisingly high levels of mad ideas in the UK. http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/pro ... od/5822276

Living in civilized countries and getting a university education doesn’t change Muslim view and a King’s College Phd found that 96% of Muslim graduates rejected Darwin. And we think that migrants adapt to new circumstances but maybe some religions don’t. 2/3rds wanted its teaching in schools stopped. A majority believed that belief in Evolution led to atheism. One of the best Western educations in the world doesn’t improve a brain that is cemented in dogmatism and illogicality. https://kclpure.kcl.ac.uk/portal/files/ ... thesis.pdf. Its reasonable to assume that the irrational views of Egyptian trained doctors are worse - much worse - to the detriment of their patients.

In supermarket shopping fashion, Darwin was popular in the Middle East from say, 1900-52 but only in select bits and only bits that were bogus. In particular Spencer’s Social Darwinism and its view of how societies develop on scientific principles was taken up as an answer to Arab problems whilst at a time it was elsewhere discredited – except by mad communists.

Sometimes you think action and thought in the region is like a mob of sheep – no outliers and everyone sticks together.

The related ‘evolutionary’ theory of ideas – memes – is controversial but in essence says that the method of selection adapts and changes, or kills off, ideas on Darwinian terms. In some ways it explains why liberal societies, but not Russia or Egypt, that promote competition between ideas produce the best solution to human problems – social, economic, political or scientific. Maybe that’s why Egypt hasn’t produced a single new idea in 70 years from its tens of millions – quite an achievement. http://pespmc1.vub.ac.be/Papers/Memetics-Springer.pdf

So evolution is suppressed in Egypt, diet, older fathers and pollution reduces IQ in children which limits their capacity to reach a standard potential, the education system is the worst in the world with similar effects and the political system absolutely suppresses and violently punishes debate and new ideas. Breeding of crops and animals seems also to be 'old style' and therefore not very good. The likely effects are clear.

Darwin published 160 years ago - even the Catholic Church accepts it - but some places are slow. Some places are just barbaric and worse feel defiant about their ignorance and refuse to change even in the face of overwhelming evidence and of logic. For some the more evidence – the more the threat to their dogma/beliefs – the more reason to reject it. Their view is just blind and ignorant rejection – these fools don’t have the brains to rebut or disprove Darwinism – that would require hard work not just cheap bluster.

The professor of Zoology should be fired.

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Re: Evolution in Egypt.

Post by Dusak »

To many revolutions in Egypt, little or no evolution.
Life is your's to do with as you wish- do not let other's try to control it for you. Count Dusak- 1345.

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Re: Evolution in Egypt.

Post by John Landon »

Beliefs are all well and good, but they do not change Facts.
Facts, if you are rational should change your beliefs.

There are some cold hard truths out there, that many simply do not want to face directly.

I have often argued the case for logic to rule over emotion, but that seldom goes down well.... :tk

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