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El Tod

Post by hatusu »

A small group of us travelled to the town of El Tod a couple of days ago to see the Temple there. We enjoyed very much looking round the temple but what astounded us was the town itself. Driving up the main street and looking down the side streets – there was absolutely no rubbish or litter to be seen anywhere. What could be seen at regular intervals were brightly painted green rubbish skips (and not overflowing or being picked through by scavenging dogs or cats). The locals are obviously well educated about rubbish because while having our picnic lunch in the temple one of the guardians without being asked brought a small waste bin over for us to put our packaging in. Why are 2 towns only half an hour apart so totally different?
The guardians also were different – very helpful without being at all intrusive.

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Re: El Tod

Post by A-Four »

El Tod is a wonderful place, not just the temple, but also the small town. Few tourist visit this place which is rather sad really. It was investigated years ago by French archeologists. As you enter the precinct of the temple on the left hand side you will notice a good collection of remains that were once a very early Christian church, relief shows information that has long been 'lost' in the present day Western Church.

The small town of El Tod is equally impressive, both faiths respect each other in a way that is rarely seen in other parts of Egypt. A wonderful community that live side by side, and even in their favourite sport,......football, there is no division of faith.

Almost directly opposite El Tod on the West Bank, is a town called Armont, (not the island of Armont), there is quite an interesting temple, on arrival you would think there is less than little to see, wrong. There are some quite interesting statues hidden away, and I am certain the usual guardians would be more than pleased to show for a little back-sheesh. It is interesting to note that this was the original place where The New Kingdom was to rise from.

On returning to Luxor West Bank tourist would call off at an old desert Shrine near to what has now become the Suzanne Mubarak Village that was built about 20 years ago for the very poor of the West Bank area, tourist should now avoid this area at all costs. The children of this area are known to 'stone' tourists, and their parents are little educated more than their children,............you are warned.