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Post by Horus »

For anyone who enjoys listening to Podcasts I came across an interesting one while I was installing a new App on my phone, the one I used was called ‘Overcast’ and it has a free version in the App Store. Nice and easy to use and whilst browsing the content for ‘Egypt’ I came across one called ‘Egyptian Tales translated from the Papyri’ by Loyal Books. It is described as being “a brief and in some cases incomplete stories of magic from ancient Egypt”.

It has a fairly boring prologue that describes the way the papyri have been translated and it is read by a narrator with a rather monotone Australian voice who (to my ear at least) pronounces some names of Pharaohs and places in an unusual way, but you quickly get used to it.
Apart from the prologue we have:
‘Tales of the magicians’
‘The peasant and the workman’
‘The shipwrecked sailor’
‘The adventures of Senehat’
All stories amount to a couple of hours of listening in total.

The narrator reads the transcript of the papyri in what I perceive to be a translated fashion as it often repeats the salutations to the king or official in deferential speech when addressing those particular characters. What I did enjoy was that after reading the actual story which often had a parable like content to it, the narrator goes on to give some background to the papyrus and some contextual detail of the story to clarify some of the wording. Overall I found then quite interesting and informative, so anyone fancying a bit of easy listening on their phone or tablet may consider giving it a try. :up