Theban Mapping Project

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Theban Mapping Project

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Copied from Facebook.
Theban Mapping Project
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Theban Mapping Project website update

Kent Weeks himself writes:

Several years ago, the Theban Mapping Project web site crashed. The web’s most-visited archaeological resource was unavailable to students, tourists, and scholars. Its popularity and usefulness was made clear by the number of letters and emails we received pleading for its speedy return. The reason for the long delay? Money.
Now, thanks to the American Research Center in Egypt, the TMP site is coming back, with all its popular and unique features, and with updated and new data that will continue to make it the go-to resource for anyone interested in the Theban Necropolis. On-line in the coming months, those new features will include detailed information on scenes and texts in the Valley of the Kings, historical images of Theban private tombs, and information on memorial temples. hank you, ARCE! We’ll be up and running later this year, so please keep checking back. And thanks for your patience, Kent

Below is TMP's map of the Valley of the Kings, published in 2000.
Sorry, I couldn't copy the map over. To see it you could check it on the L4UFacebook page

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