Book pf the dead

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Book pf the dead

Post by carrie »

Now I might be completely wrong but someone will put me right I am sure.
The book of the dead is a road map for the Pharaoh to follow in order to reach the after life. On his way he must pass various tests and the Book of the Dead gives him instruction how to do so.
Its painted on the tomb walls so that it is there for him to read and follow.
Now if I am right why are there no hieroglyphs in the pyramids. Were the Kings expected to memorize the BOTD or would they be buried with papyrus scrolls for them to read?

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Re: Book pf the dead

Post by Horus »

Wealthy people would have paid a scribe to write them a paypyrus that contained all of the information they needed. The most famous example is the one by the scribe Ani over 3500 years ago and considered to be the best preserved example, the original is held by the BM. It is approximately 78 feet in length when complete, I own an A3 size book of the full papyrus complete with images of the complete scroll and translations.
ISBN-10 0-8118-0767-3 for anyone interested.

The texts first appeared in the pyramid of the last pharaoh of the Fifth Dynasty, king Unas and these are often referred to as 'The Pyramid Texts'
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Re: Book pf the dead

Post by John Landon »

I have personally never believed Pyramid's were tombs, but you can certainly see the technology going into decline as other Pyramids were built after the GP complex.
The Glyph's were certainly absent and there was no mention of any name attached to any of the Pyramids,
Why would the Greeks name them Pyramid, as the word Pyra means fire ?

Bit like Amphitheaters ( Amphi ) which means Sound. Damn those seating arrangements, it must have been a nuisance each time someone needed to go to the loo or grab a beer from the bar...
We call modern day Theater's Auditoriums, Auditory which means to listen...

What's in a name ? 8)
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