The Mystery of the Black Mummy

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The Mystery of the Black Mummy

Post by newcastle »

An interesting program about the discovery of a mummified black child in central Libya .....dated some 1000 years earlier than than the earliest known mummies in pharaonic Egypt.

Around 10,000 BC the Sahara was a very different environment, with rock art depicting elephants, rhinos, ostriches....even crocodiles. A sophisticated community was present with a well- defined cattle cult . Around 5,000 BC the climate changed again, with the monsoon rains disappearing and water sources with them.

The evidence points to these Africans...a mixture of negroes and Mesopotamians...migrating to the southern Nile valley and their culture forming the origins of what we term Ancient Egypt.

Joann Fletcher conducts part of the program....without her usual ‘OTT’ delivery style!

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Re: The Mystery of the Black Mummy

Post by carrie »

Just watched it Newcastle, very interesting.Thanks for posting.

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