Climate Change Destroys Antiquities.

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Climate Change Destroys Antiquities.

Post by Hafiz »

Climate Change Destroys Antiquities.

A not very good article on climate change and Egyptian antiquities. Basically Egypt is doing nothing. How typical.

Minor points:

The Bib Alexandria has an antiquities museum – very odd for a library – and this must be the 3rd, 4th or 6th museum in Alex – although few are open and all are abysmally run as the police officer led Bib.

In Alexandria, the national government has earmarked $14 million to protect the Citadel of Qaitbay from coastal erosion.
“A total of 4,700 concrete blocks have been dropped in the water around the citadel in order to protect it from rising water,” Abdel Basir said. = how will concrete blocks retard oceanic rise? The only blocks I can think of in the Supreme Alex Antiques (SAARS - like the fatal disease) are the blockheads who designed this and squandered so much on a minor building. The problem is not tidal or related erosion but rising sea levels. Alex and Osaka are the most threatened cities in the world.

“Abdel Basir said about 230 foreign-led archeological missions operate in Egypt, “ A very high number which implies 40-50 in Luxor - is this the case or is it just another example of never believing an Egyptian and his arithmetic.

Hawass wants more European money – C/- his Cyprus A/c – Suzanne Mubarak co-signatory.

“an ancient Roman amphitheatre near the Mediterranean Sea” who has seen that. ... SKBN1YO0QE

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