The Book of the Dead /mythical cycle of spirit / And the VOID

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The Book of the Dead /mythical cycle of spirit / And the VOID

Post by Aromagician »

Now we are all familiar with the Book of the Dead, as written on tombs, where the deceased is carried through the spirit world on the Sun barge, fighting off the serpent Apepi through the night.
It is called the Book of the Dead.
But what if it is in fact something more?
In many cultures, it is beleived that there is a space that is beyond time, where past, present and future all exist, a place of creation, a place where the gods live.

When the spirit dies it passes to this place, and some say dependent on their beliefs, decides where they will go.
I have been studying all these for many years and it seems that there are similarities in most of the religions/ myths/ stories whatever you call them. Places where they intersect ( similar to Joseph Campbells Heroes journey).

All powerful symbols, sometimes metaphorical of the way this world operates. The cycles that it experiences coded / hardwired into the database. Programed in.
A living place that exists in another dimension. Shamans make spirit maps of the other worlds. They are not just present when you die but at all times. What happens there, can have an effect on this world, what happens here has an effect on that world. Some walk between the two, keeping the balance. As was the responsibility of the Pharoah. Perhaps the crowns, were symbols, objects that gave them special powers in the spirit world to combat the evils of Apep.
If the worlds still exist, then who is doing that now?
We have become so 3 dimensional. yet our minds have been shown to have the capacity to create structures in ll dimensions ... -life.html says

Black holes are engines of destruction on a cosmic scale, but they may also be the bringers of life. New research on supermassive black holes suggests that the radiation they emit during feeding frenzies can create biomolecular building blocks and even power photosynthesis.

The upshot? Far more worlds roaming the Milky Way and beyond could be suitable to life, the researchers speculated.

For their new study, published May 24 in the Astrophysical Journal, scientists created computer models to look at the radiating disks of gas and dust called active galactic nuclei, or AGN, that swirl around supermassive black holes. Some of the brightest objects in the universe, AGN form as a black hole's gravity binds matter. As that matter swirls around a black hole, it releases incredible amounts of light and radiation.

I remember Charlie- Mrs Doubtfire- I still miss him, talking about how there was a code. That certain words meant certain things and sent me some pages a long time ago, wish I knew where I had put them :( . I did not really know what he meant at the time. Perhaps this is like that. A code, written into a story that contains all the info needed to crack the mysteries of the Universe...

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