Local War Criminals - Possibly.

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Local War Criminals - Possibly.

Post by Hafiz » Mon Aug 13, 2018 4:01 pm

War Criminal.

The Lawyers Association of South Africa formally asked that Sisi be arrested for crimes against humanity during his State Visit to South Africa. http://www.nahdet-misr.com/pages/site/grapes.aspx. He cancelled his visit - wonder why? That might be a place to avoid in the future.

The High Court of the UK has given British Police jurisdiction to investigate the crimes of the Egyptian Government and its military. http://www.middleeasteye.net/news/briti ... 1367439387. Shopping sprees to London might be a risk.

His 2015 visit to London was more scuffle, embarrassment and protest and achieved nothing. http://www.newsweek.com/president-el-si ... ain-390784

His 2017 US visit resulted in a private dressing down by Senators which they leaked and things are much worse there now. http://carnegie-mec.org/diwan/68656. and https://www.nytimes.com/2013/08/07/worl ... s-aid.html The Mc Cain meeting was allegedly torrid and Mc Cain is one of the most powerful men in the world, the head of the International Republican Institute which was driven out of Egypt and he loathes Sisi and thinks him a poor general. The same view is held by other powerful Senators. There are no public political friends that I can find in Washington. The Egyptian Washington Embassy has failed absolutely. I think no ‘ally’ of the US has fewer friends in congress and even enemies like China and Russia do better.

Sisi’s support for Assad may make him an accomplice to War Crimes. https://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles ... syrian-war

His support for convicted war criminal Bashir of Sudan, who is still using weapons of mass destruction, and practical and military support for that monster Hafter in Libya one of whose subordinates, at least, has a war crime warrant out on him might flesh out, so to speak, a prosecution brief. Egypt is also supporting these Libyan rebels who want to bring down an UN appointed government so that puts more meat on the bone. Alleged assistance to the monsters in Kordofan/Darfur in the Sudan doesn’t get you a Nobel Peace Prize. https://www.dabangasudan.org/en/all-new ... -al-bashir. The association with the North Korean animals over decades and until very recently could be a back up prosecution as could help to terrorists/separatists in Ethiopia.

He was invited to Australia 18 months ago but following negative reaction here the invitation was withdrawn. He won’t ever visit here but he’ll probably get another invitation back to the UK. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-09-14/q ... si/7842636. Even the Coptic Pope’s visit here was far from successful and he won’t be back. Local Copts were dark on his unwavering support for Sisi and his general ignorance.

Sisi responded by inviting the Australian PM. There was no response but we do visit Israel, Saudi, Iraq and soon Turkey.
The UK post-Brexit panic has led it to drop its bloomers and offer intimate connexions to Egypt. Not the first time that integrity has been tossed for business. http://www.middleeasteye.net/columns/br ... -894892763. Its good they have a 4th rate, idiot Ulsterman managing this for the UK. Likely it will end in nothing – or nothing he contributes to.

A visit to Ethiopia would be suicide for Sisi whilst there is no invitation from Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Iraq, Jordan, Chad, Uganda or Lebanon after 4 years. Does no one like him/Egypt or are his Foreign Affairs a mess. Maybe he should stick to Russia and a 5th trip there.

There is not even an invitation from Palestine.

The ICC a few months ago commenced criminal investigations into the Presidents of Philippines and Venezuela. Who is next?

The President has a different view about where things are at the moment:
““The state has regained its prestige, and the police are the watchful eye overseeing national security and safety,”
“…“We have achieved good results in our confrontation with the people of evil, and we continue to achieve victory.”
https://aawsat.com/english/home/article ... l%E2%80%99

Really its on everyone’s ‘the dirtiest’ list and domestic terrorism responds to the army/police in the following way – the greater the army/police ‘effort’ the worse it gets. Still its only 7 years and a few billion so maybe more brute force will work.

Bassiouni the great expatriate Egyptian lawyer and Nobel nominee used to say: “"in 20 years, Egypt will be another Bangladesh". That gives quite a few connected people enough time to steal a lot of money and foul the natural and built environment – then get their money out to Cyprus or Jersey.

Maybe things are now changing but changing in an Egyptian way – avoid responsibility.

The Parliament has passed a law protecting the military (including reservists? – probably not – just the officers) from all prosecution for bad things done during the period 2013-2016. It says that the protection only applies to acts done in the ‘line of duty’ but what the hell.

Wait for it:

‘The law, submitted to parliament as recently as the end of June, also makes those named by Sisi reserve officers for life and accords them wide-ranging privileges, including diplomatic status when traveling abroad.”

Very odd. My guess is that the diplomatic status is designed to protect them from arrest in the west for criminal acts committed in Egypt. Maybe even War Crimes. They must have had some warnings that something was brewing. Whether the new law will fit with the Geneva Convention and prevent the FBI from arresting a General in NYC we will need to see. To assume the government took good legal advice on this would be naïve – rather it will be some local idiots although a lonely Baker McKenzie the international law firm hangs in, shamelessly, but with no international partners who dare foul themselves and ruin their careers.
https://www.reuters.com/article/us-egyp ... SKBN1K61L7

Wonder what the other ‘wide ranging privileges’ are and why not list them? Are they listed in the legislation?

Reuters raises its eyebrows at how fast the law was passed by the Parliament. Interesting that some Parliamentary business in Egypt can be done with speed – whilst everything else takes ages. There may be a process server in the wind.

The law also means if they do bad things in NYC they get off free – like corruption because they have diplomatic immunity for their ‘natural’ lives unprecedented status and protection because normal diplomats under the Geneva Convention only get protection for the term of their appointment.

How the law protects them from penalties for breaching the US sanctions against Russia is another thing that should be very interesting to watch – particularly if you are an Egyptian company doing business with some of the Russian crooks that are arriving in Egypt. If you do business with them you could be excluded from the international banking system. Travel companies and hotel chains should also take expensive legal advice on this. Protection to the businesses of military types might get them around this but I don’t think so.

Exports to the US by Egyptian companies compromised by Russian associations (the Army of Egypt and all its companies for example) might also be in trouble but I’m sure the Cairo law firms are the best in the world – but hardly any top international firms are in Egypt and Baker MacKenzie’s presence is very odd.

One thing is good, the UK doesn’t care how you made your money, what weapons you sold or who you killed in Russia – all are welcome in the City of London. Ireland, where Egypt mysteriously raises its sovereign debt, is even slacker.

I think the Egyptian domestic law is rot – you can only get international diplomatic immunity under the Geneva Convention – we will see. Maybe they will have to appoint 2.000 Major General ambassadors in perpetuity. Maybe they should just get a proper lawyer - preferably not an Egyptian and NYC and London are the only places anyone goes.

A suggestion. Tony Blair's Attorney General Lord Goldsmith (probably Jewish) QC,PC would be the right chap. The reason I suggest him is his moral training under Blair, that Blair is a secret advisor to Naguib Sawiris and and also to the Government of Egypt and his impeccable lordship has a new specialty - defending Russian, mafia, billionaire filth and their money in the European Courts - for fees that defy belief, which is very similar to the moral morass of Egypt - particularly theft and violence. https://www.thedailybeast.com/former-uk ... ussian-mob

Its interesting that the protection is not only in relation to their military duties but the ‘other’ things they have done.

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Re: Local War Criminals - Possibly.

Post by Major Thom » Mon Aug 13, 2018 4:15 pm

And yet the US and the UK keep throwing money into the greedy pot!!

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