3.7 milliom

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3.7 milliom

Post by carrie »

3.7 million children in the UK live in absolute poverty. 75 percent of those children have a working parent. What a disgrace. MP's not long ago where shown up because of their illegal expense claims, now they are complaining because an important vote (again) is being held tomorrow which means they actually have to stay in London and work a five day week.
Self serving, greedy, bunch of wastrels.
Why don't they do what they were elected to do, improve the lot of the people care for the weak and vulnerable not swan off to the subsidized bars in the HOC, eat drink and be merry.

Mrs Angry from Tunbridge Wells.

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Re: 3.7 milliom

Post by Hafiz »

Carrie I agree but disagree.

Deplorable and sad and we know enough about poverty to know that children brought up in poor families may face a similar future. Getting the household out of low income will mean that the kids are morel ikely to jump a rung or two.

Nevertheless welfare supplements don't fix the problem longer term. Parents getting better jobs that will raise their income will help but the collapse of lower middle and lower class jobs with the slow destruction of the industrial base and the collapse of many service jobs from IT makes it hard and companies moving lower skilled jobs off shore makes it impossible.

Most western countries face similar problems regarding lower incomes made worse by low levels of productivity holding back wage increases. Retraining of adults has a very bad outcome.

Australia, and maybe others, faces a problem with schools - they are not good, the teachers are poorly skilled and unmotivated as well as poorly managed. Curriculum in the west is poor and objective measurement of reading and writing is shocking.Parents are poorly engaged with schools and they have themselves to blame for that. Our universities do what kids and their pretentious parents want them to do so that we produce each year close to 10 times the journalism graduates of all the journalism jobs in Australia - and declining at a rate on knots. Less stupid figures for others but gross over supply in lawyers and particularly decadent reading degrees - but a desperate shortage of even 3 rate teacher graduates.

At the end of the day the Thatcher sitting on the political couch and allowing the market to do what it wants - including optional taxes for rich companies/individuals - like Egypt - maybe removing the Ex Dom tax status for billionaires like that prime Brexiteer - 2 billion - could be a start to strengthening the tax base. But handing out incentives to companies is worse. The UK labour party and Australia as well of a return to old style socialism is the best waste of money I know but it appeals to people who are confused and frightened.

Government's new job is to establish the jobs necessary for the skill base, enforce a purge in schools in the broad geographical area or evacuate the midlands, Wales and Northern Ireland that survive on handouts to both companies and poorer households.