Nazi Genicidal Islam - Well Palestinian Part 1

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Nazi Genicidal Islam - Well Palestinian Part 1

Post by Hafiz »

Amin al-Husseini, Grand Mufti, Jerusalem, Nazi.

An odd story about Islam and its blood soaked crazed religious leaders, the refusal of Islam to discipline these bad leaders and how extreme Nazi and Anti-Semitic views are in the foundations of Palestine and the PLO and also modern Egypt – although this last point is another story I will post separately on.

The history of the Mufti comes entirely from western scholarship and not from Egypt, Palestine or the region. This story raises questions about what the true story of Nasser and Sadat would be if basic standard scholarship was applied to their lives and policies - it would not be good. With the Mufti the story does have biases in some of the scholarship but I have made great efforts to balance these out. Nevertheless his story is of unmitigated horror, adventurism,incompetence and narcissism with no regard by him for the blighted lives of the Palestinian people.

Of course it has nothing to do with tourism and the need to promote Egypt to the Russian/Polish and related masses but the best that could be said of most of these isn’t printable. What I print isn’t touristic mulch but fact and facts about how millions have had their lives ruined by lunatic leaders in the Middle East for over 80 years.

It’s a story not well publicized for reasons that will become clear but like many other similar stories of the past 80 years – the archive is locked and the universities easily bought.

Its of no interest to tourists whose only concern is their hotel/beach/restaurant or suntan. Such people are identical to the only tourists the UK wants - interested in just the changing of the guard, a British pub and the Tower and having no curiosity in anything more complex to explain why Britain exists. Reality is only what’s in front of your face your and curiosity about anything deeper is a sign of a distorted and biased mind.

I’m sure everyone will agree that all you need to know about the UK is in the British Tourism Authority Magazine and a bit from the ever reliable comments on the internet like the infallible Trip Advisor.

All religions have lunatics and monsters but most ‘deal’ with them at the time or at least disown them at some later date – but not Islam. For example Edward VIII was ‘appointed by God’ as head of 4 state Churches – but got rid of thank God - but no thanks to Churchill who wanted that Nazi to stay. Most countries realize at the time they have an animal in their midst or do so later and denounce them – but not Palestine or Egypt where in this case they stick to the view that this person is a hero when in reality he is an evil, incompetent, dogmatic fool who more than most has contributed to the unresolved, sad and violent history of Palestine in the past 80 years.

Few doubt the misery of the Palestinian people and that a great deal of that is caused by their gradual dispossession under the British and then their wholesale loss of territory to Israel in ’47, ’67 and ’73. What is also true is that there are few people so badly ‘governed’ by their own leaders over 80 years, men who were both evil and stupid. What is also true is that 1.7 million Arabs/Palestinians in Israel consistently vote that they want to stay in Israel rather than suffer under the Palestinian dogmatic dictatorship part of which has been lurching to even more extreme actions in the past 15 years.

The reason for this is that Palestinian government is nearly the worst in the world, corrupt, inefficient and treats its people awfully. The Government of Palestine won’t even let you vote on its own government and the current non=Hamas leader is 82, a lower IQ and last voted into office 14 years ago.. ... nian-state

The foundation stone of the craziness, corruption and violence is a ‘great religious leader’ the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem - Husseini/Husaini/ was (ill) educated at an Anglican school and al Azhar and came from the No1 or 2 family in Jerusalem.

Before WW1 he had been trained and employed by the Ottoman bureaucracy and army, no religious employment – he never talked about a homeland for the Palestinians at that time but worked for and killed for his Imperial/Ottoman occupier of Palestine. When he realized the Ottomans were loosing he changed sides and wanted to work for the British. At a later stage he turned on the British. He was a complete opportunist and egomaniac, emotionally very unstable and utterly immoral/a superb religious leader (by blood).

Appointed Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and protector of the Dome of the Rock by the less than capable and Jewish British Administrator Viscount Samuel in 1921/22 who ignored at that Husseini was convicted of organizing bloody riots and given 10 years jail. As elsewhere in the Empire Viscounts are always right all of the time and blood lines always perfect (if you can work out paternity) and this gave Husseini a senior religious job – a bit like UK Cabinet appointment of Bishops and Archbishops.

How a sane UK Government would put a Jewish administrator with no relevant skills or experience in charge of Palestine is a larger story about how the Empire lurched for several lifetimes before 1929. (The British Administrator in Egypt was no better and probably worse at the same time).

It was all in the family and Husseini’s father and half brother had held the same religious position. Power and money should be kept in the same family – a great royalist and aristocratic tradition because DNA is always right and the continuing achievements of the British Empire proveD it.

Whilst the hereditary 3rd most senior religious figure in Islam he was a builder of 4-5 star hotels in Jerusalem and became an extreme ranter against the British Mandate and the Jews. Its herd to find any religious work he did or charity for the poor – although he was good at making money for himself.

One of the family properties was Orient House – larger inside than it looks – much later the PLO headquarters until driven out because the house was full of bombs.


Another was The Palace Hotel Jerusalem, now part of the Waldorf Astoria.


In the 30’s Jewish immigration accelerated and land became the big issue. The land issue was, after Jewish immigration, the most contentious of the Mandate. Segev the historian writes that most prominent Palestinian families, "patriots on the outside, traitors on the inside", secretly sold land to the Zionists. It is probable that the Mufti arranged for the kidnapping and/or assassination of some who sold to Jews and he never saw murder as a sin. ... iewofbooks

In the 20’s and 30’s he organized riots and assassinations, as all religious leaders do, escaped British arrest and got sanctuary with the blind French in Lebanon. At all points in his career he did what a good Muslim leader does in the Middle East – use inflammatory rhetoric, intrigue and blood.

In the late 30’s as the UK position in favor of the Jews was becoming clear the Mufti and his relatives were organizing unsuccessful violence AND he refused to face political reality and deep divisions in the Palestinian community. Deals offered to the Muslims by the British had majority support within that community but the Mufti and others rejected these deals and pursued their own interests of leadership of a dead cause. Then and now dogmatism, inflexibility and self interest dominated the Palestinian leadership and he hated democracy because with that he would be out of a job.

At the same time as he faced a collapsing program to gain Palestinian freedom he wandered off, as is a disease in the region, to grand obsessions that had not a chance in hell of happening. His driving ‘ambition’ was for a huge pan Islamic state/empire from Morocco to Pakistan and including Bosnia. What that had to do with Palestine wasn’t clear – but neither was the Mufti’s mind very clear (but linked later with Nasser’s grand visions of union with Libya and Syria – which lasted 30 seconds). He never consulted Moroccans, Pakistani’s or others, was never given authority by these people for representing their interests but foamed at the mouth on this matter as his immediate Palestinian interests failed.

After WW2 broke out he slipped into Iraq and organized a coup d’etat with Nazi support to get rid of the British allied government. As usual with him it was ill planned, poorly executed, people died but he got out after proclaiming absolute victory and left his supporters to suffer. The French Nazi Vichy then helped him to escape to Nazi Germany – as the Nazi French do. How a religious leader could be a military one is a mystery except in Islam.

The rest of the War he spent with friends whom he mistakenly believed thought the blood of Islam and Arabs equal to their own. How he could have believed that is beyond me/any sane person. ... 4_0061.pdf

Here is his supreme holiness the Grand Mufti talking in November 1941 with his long term friend (back to 1937), psychopath to psychopath – he spent the whole of WW2 in his beloved, and financially remunerative Germany. The transcript of the meeting indicates that this barely educated, angry Palestinian lunatic wanted a German World Order. His stupidity was no better than the subsequent 3 generations of foolish, financially corrupt, bloody Palestinian leaders.


At this meeting he asked for pots of money, he also wanted to form an Arab military legion, using Arab prisoners from the French Empire who were then POWs inside Germany. He also asked Hitler to declare publicly, as the German government had privately, that it favored “the elimination of the Jewish national home” in Palestine.

Hitler appeared to agree to pretty much all and made his friend an honorary Aryan for his help to the ‘Fatherland’. In private the German’s suspected he was wind and were firm on the view that he was reckless and ill prepared. Its probable they thought him a liar and exaggerator – and they were right. He was, however ‘useful’ and enthusiastic beyond reason for propoganda.

In this matter the Mufti was raving stupid because Hitler's contempt for the Arabs was a matter of record and German officials had a problem persuading Arabs it was really the Jews, rather than the equally Semitic Arabs, that the Nazis despised and hated. The same stupidity runs through Husseini’s life – and the lives of his successors as they used runaway Nazi war criminals to help them exterminate the Jews in Palestine after WW2. ... 19975.html

He used his position as the third most senior cleric of Islam and in 1941 he declared a Jihad on the British offering eternal life to those Muslims who killed British.

Here he is with his close long term friend, fellow anti-Semite and mass murderer Himmler in 1943 when everyone knew the mass extermination had begun. His Holiness publically wanted all Jews exterminated so Germany had his overwhelming support. At no time then or now did al Azhar criticize him or criticize the extermination of Jews or criticize the Nazi world invasion.


For 4 years he consumed German money at a rate a Mubarak crook would envy and lived in some state at Goethestrasse "27" in Berlin Zehlendorf (maybe stolen from Jews like his later Friend Nasser did who then gave the theft to friends. It was more than likely previously a Jewish school then stolen.) in an upper class suburb but I can’t get a photo, however most villas in the immediate area of his address look splendid.

The raising of one Albanian and two Bosnian Waffen-SS divisions, (the very worst of the worst in terms of violence and war crimes) as well as an assortment of “Eastern Legions” comprising variously of Kalmyks, Turkmen, Tatars, Azeris and others. In total, as many as 300,000 soldiers from the Islamic world are thought to have served in German ranks during the war. Al Azhar hasn’t looked into the ‘matter’ nor have any Muslim scholars probably because they don’t want to know what happened and its also ‘embarrassing’ they backed the loosing side. – as usual.

His troops did as expected, were out of control and not very effective except in doing bad things. Many ended up after the war in the Middle East escaping war crimes prosecutions and fighting for the Palestinians. How unexpected but this is another post.

Its open to debate that his Supreme Holiness influenced the Nazi decision on the Final Solution (I doubt it) but its quite clear that the Mufti knew it was going on – unlike that ‘clever’ man Kurt Waldheim.

For a religious leader he liked hands on killing roles and personally managed the Nazi/Palestine sabotage campaign Operation Atlas in Palestine in October ’44. With all things he did it was a complete fiasco but he seemed to get religious pleasure and sanctity out of direct responsibility for killing – Jews, and everyone forgot the deaths of his own people because of his incompetence.

Whilst resident in Berlin during WW2 (1941-45) he broadcast to the Middle East supporting Hitler and calling Middle Eastern locals to rebel against the barbaric British. He didn’t like moderate language and continued a long tradition in the region of extreme hysteria. Here is an extract from one of his great speeches to his beloved people giving them religious guidance:

'Arabs, rise as one man and fight for your sacred rights. Kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases God, history, and religion. This saves your honor. God is with you.' ... lers-mufti

Murder rape and looting were another feature of the ‘performance’ of his troops - maybe the Mufti took the al current Azhar line of that holy female professor that rape of enemies – presumably just females, is an honorable Muslim act.

The 21st Muslim Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Skanderbeg were a standout case, (a complete military failure), the 23rd Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Kama were worse than useless, mutinied and then abolished, the 13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS "Handschar", (possibly 20,000 troops with at least its own Mufti and Deputy Mufti to give them ‘religious guidance’ on the holiness of their savagery) mutinied, reassembled, stuffed up in everything they did, known for brutality and savagery, slipped the noose and hundreds (maybe over 1,000) ended up in the Middle East after the war killing Jews and as members of the ‘heroic’ Ajnaddin Battalion in the Palestinian Army of National liberation that was no more effective than their previous disasters but brutality continued their addiction to atrocity. In Palestine in ’47/48 they commandeered the best hotels in Ramallah and ‘molested’ the locals, probably meaning they raped locals, likely Muslims. page 9.

Here is the glorious 13th Waffen SS with its religious leader giving salute to the great Hitler: They were great nationalistic masculine men – and pure animals who butchered in the Balkans.


There were numerous other regiments which were mainly Muslim some fought on the Eastern Front and some even in North Africa to invade and bomb Egypt. How they justified helping a European power (Germany) to invade a Muslim country you would need to be a cretin to answer. There was also action in Greece. Some were attracted by Nazi ideology and some by the Mufti’s endorsement of the sacred Nazi cause. Major other regiments included Sonderverband 287 and 288. All appear to have has a bad reputation for ill discipline, poor fighting skills and the usual rape, pillage and atrocities that Middle East armies are famous for.

Here is the German Free Arab Legion (which included 287 and 288) in Tunisia where it did nasty things to other Muslims – as you do.


They were ably incited in North Africa by that great Jew killer and Jew hater Colonel Walter Rauff a man of such propaganda skills that he returned to the area in the 1950’s (actually he didn’t return he had been convicted several times of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity and was on the run) as a guest of and advisor to that great humanitarian Nasser. His later job required one major attribute – uncontrollable Jew Hated – which was exactly what Husseini and his friend Nasser loved – but were wise to keep hidden so the left in the west was deceived – easily done.

In ’42 Rauff under Rommel had been good at many things including harvesting all the gold and related wealth from Tunisian Jews and a remarkable new developments in the caravan industry. By developments I mean caravans converted into mobile gas chambers used widely to kill the usual’s in the Balkans – probably 200,000. Its likely that he had his caravans in North Africa waiting for an opportunity to kill the 120,000 Egyptian Jews and more as they ‘liberated’ Palestine. Sadat publically supported all this but another time.,734 ... 58,00.html

Of the Muslims who fought for his holiness/his theological supremacy in WW2, all of whom were told by the Mufti that they were fighting a holy war, 38 were tried for War Crimes, 10 executed but hundreds avoided trial in the then Yugoslavia by escaping from allied camps in Italy after the war and went to Palestine to fight another Jihad against the Jews in 47-48 (along with escapee German Nazi’s in Egypt, Palestine and Syria) even though they were Serbs and Bosnians. A large number were recruited into the Syrian and Iraqi armies because of their known brutality. One of their military officers was also a Muslim Imam – very odd - SS-Obersturmführer Imam Halim Malkoč and he was later executed for atrocities that didn’t offend his Islamic ethics but offend everyone else’s.

At no stage did any Islamic leader in the world tell Muslims not to support Hitler even though he invaded Libya, Tunisia and Egypt and bombed Alex and Cairo.

After the war the standard thing happened. Husseini went to Switzerland to retrieve his secreted money from Hitler, he escaped to France with 20 armed guards/assassins where the French did nothing whilst the Mufti and his advisors fought amongst themselves about power, status and money.

The French had detained him after the war, this is unclear, and he miraculously escaped to Egypt where he was given warm refuge and al Azhar held special prayers welcoming him. At that time he would have felt at home because Farouk/Nasser had given refuge to possibly hundreds of SS Nazi war criminals to build the intelligence service, police, army, propaganda, suppression and extermination of the Brotherhood, expulsion of the Jews and weapons of mass destruction. It must have been like a school reunion. ... 4_0160.pdf

End of Part 1 of A butcher’s Story.
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Re: Nazi Genicidal Islam - Well Palestinian Part 1

Post by Hafiz »

Part of the Abattoir.

So his holiness has prospered from the war, stirred up local emotions against the British, supported a German bombing and invasion of Egypt, proclaimed the need for Jews to be exterminated, led violent and bloody military actions in Iraq, Palestine, the Middle East and other places and been greeted with special prayers by the highest authority of Islam – quite an achievement for someone who has failed in every venture for the whole of his life.

Of course there is no doubt in the region about the Mufti and as usual all negative stories about him are ‘Jewish Lies’. Here is the sworn testimony of Eichmann’s deputy after the war:

“The Mufti was one of the initiatory of the systematic extermination of European Jewry and had been a collaborator and advisor of Eichmann and Himler in the execution of this plan. He was one of Eichmann’s best friends and had constantly incited him to accelerate the extermination measures. I heard him say that accompanied by Eichmann he had visited incognito the gas chamber of Auachwitz’ Evidence of Eichmann’s assistant in a hotly contested area of history. ... -Holocaust

I think al Azhar should come out of the bushed and demand the same – or denounce the memory of Husseini.

When Hitler had failed to exterminate all Jews this great Muslim leader and theologian, the third most senior in Islam, demanded that all Muslims complete the extermination after the war. He was the leader of the Palestinian movement urging the most extreme measures and rejected negotiation or compromise.

Yassar Arafat was his protégé and nephew and Nasser liked the Mufti, protected him and paid for him. Yassar attended his funeral and funded his later life out of the hundreds of millions that he salted away/stole from the Palestinian people/stole from the UN body responsible for Palestine.

Like his uncle Yassar was a great heroic leader – violent, amoral, corrupt, vain, rhetorical and a complete failure. In the Oslo Accords Discussions after 1993 Arafat's personal bodyguard had sons named Hitler and Eichmann, according to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's book, A Place Among the Nations. Yassar was a name Arafat assumed in recognition of a great freedom fighter of the 1930’s who, as all Arabs do, directed his hate on his own people to maintain his power over them and butchered them. In many cases the ‘great’ earlier Yassar kidnapped Arabs who had betrayed him and tossed them into a pit full of scorpions and snakes. In 2014 the PLO were still doing the same showing to those tourists who love local traditions that some traditions never die – but Arabs do.. ... 014/06/22/ (In the Middle East the old and Nazi ways still work and Yassar launched the Second Intifada on the claim the Jews were going to destroy the temple mount/Aqsa – a trick tried by Arab Nazi supporters during WW2 to cause chaos. It worked again and was both times a lie.)

His Holiness had big support amongst the post 1952 military Junta in Egypt many of whom had supported the Nazi invasion of Egypt. Even after the war and the Nuremberg Trials Sadat continued to express open admiration for Hitler in a letter he sent to the Egyptian daily Al Mussawar on September 18, 1953:

“Dear Hitler, I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart. Even if you appear to have been defeated, in reality you are the victor. You succeeded in creating dissensions between Churchill, the old man, and his allies, the Sons of Satan. [emphasis added] Germany will win because her existence is necessary to preserve the world balance. Germany will be reborn in spite of the Western and Eastern powers. There will be no peace unless Germany once again becomes what she was. The West, as well as the East, will pay for her rehabilitation-whether they like it or not. Both sides will invest a great deal of money and effort in Germany in order to have her on their side, which is of great benefit to Germany. So much for the present and the future. As for the past, I think you made mistakes, like too many battlefronts and the shortsightedness of Ribbentrop vis-a vis the experienced British diplomacy. But your trust in your country and people will atone for those blunders. We will not be surprised if you appear again in Germany or if a new Hitler rises up in your wake.”

In 1953, Sadat praised Adolf Hitler as an ‘immortal leader’. (these chaps have the uniform judgment of great world leaders).

Nasser was also an extreme anti-Semite who supported mass murder. As Nasser so ‘brilliantly’ put it he would ‘eventually put an end to Israel…We will liquidate her…” So many of his speeches were hysterical rants – and therefore popular in brain dead Egypt.

Another telling quote from Nasser that only Egypt thinks a hero – the rest of the region have edited him out “We shall not enter Palestine with its soil covered in sand. We shall enter it with its soil saturated in blood.” (March 8, 1965).

Nasser was ill-educated but egotistical and impulsive and believed in that Nazi propaganda rot about a Jewish World Conspiracy the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (absurd and fake book about a Jewish world conspiracy still sold at the Cairo ‘International’ Book Fair and liked by Churchill until he was told it was a fake ... iewofbooks) The simpleton and gullible Nasser publically claimed that ‘three hundred Zionists … govern the fate of the European Continent’. Whoever believes such a thing must of course deny the Holocaust. Nasser denied it both directly (‘No one … takes seriously the lie about six million Jews who were murdered’[44]) and indirectly, by claiming that ‘Ben-Gurion … has killed as many Arabs as Hitler killed Jews.’

This rot was spread around the region and by Nasser;’s propaganda to infect the minds of simple Egyptians. The German loss of the war, the war crimes trials and the exposure of the extermination camps did nothing to undermine these Nazi views.

Here is Nasser in 1948 meeting the recently escaped holy Mufti who was on the run for war crimes and Nasser isn’t a very senior officer at that time - a lieutenant colonel or less – odd unless they had a meeting of minds – although the Mufti’s mind hardly qualifies for that word. Nasser was keen for the Mufti’s cause and initially volunteered to serve with his Arab Higher Committee (AHC) ‘led’ by the Mufti (who forgot to show up) in the 48 war. Cairo refused to let Nasser go which was a good move because the ‘Mufti’s Army’ was no better than his holiness – routed in a few hours by Jewish farmers and their wives whereas the Mufti/Generalissimo had promised ‘Tel Aviv in two weeks’. Nasser’s continued support and liking of the Mufti is but one example of the quality of Nasser’s judgment.


(Unclear) In the negotiations with the British and the UN prior to ’47 leading to the establishment of Israel the Mufti was put forward as a negotiator for the Palestinian people (no election, no transparent process, he was opposed by many Palestinian Muslims and by all Palestinian Christians (about 1/3rd of the population) – but in UK terms he had superb blood lines – but no sanity) but release of his war time activities poisoned his standing with all countries so he was a huge liability as a negotiator for his own people and hated by Jordan who went behind his back and did a private deal with Israel. Its arguable but likely true that putting him forward prejudiced the deal for the Palestinians – which continues to this day – but he was never going to sacrifice his prestige to the mere interests of his people or a deal.

Predictably his negotiating position for the Palestinians and for what remained of his larger Muslim Empire was – no democracy – a one religion state - himself as leader – no separation of religion and state. It was delusional and the British and others trying to settle the Palestinian matter were repulsed. In deal making where 10% here and 10% there is often down to human response or charm he failed absolutely, his associates knew he did badly, he refused to stand aside and they declined to remove to protect their people from the damage he was doing to them

Both in the 30’s and in the 40’s negotiations he demanded Muslim and personal supremacy in Palestine, ignored that 6-700,000 Palestinians were Christians and intended to run, no one else was going to run it, a Muslim State. If he believed in democracy no one noticed it in his 80 years but for soft lefties in the West who supported Palestine but that was not the point. For them it was about rights for Palestinians even if Palestinian leaders didn’t believe in rights for others or in democracy.

Near universally the western left supported Husseini and his nephew Arafat whilst knowing little of what was going on in the region.

Deranged thinking on this came from some of the greatest, or at least greatest self-publicist, Western ‘thinkers’ of the period – definitely not my view – including Sartre, de Beauvoir and especially Foucault who had a particular love for Palestinians – provided they were 16, male and cheap. On the other hand Camus had integrity and therefore opposed Sartre on everything including Palestine. His great line on the Middle (Bea)East was ‘“To justify himself, each relies on the other’s crimes”

Of course Edward Said was an uncritical supporter but maybe his Alex school education exposed him to contagious early onset dementia.

Prior to the ’47 war there was toing and froing for one side to provoke the other so as to escape western criticism and hold the ‘moral high ground’. This is what the head of Israeli security wrote in a report at the time:

“As far as we know, it is the Mufti's belief that there is no better way to 'start things off' than by means of terror, isolated bombs thrown into crowds leaving movie theaters on Saturday nights. That will ‘start the ball rolling’. For no doubt the Jews will react, and as a reaction to a reaction there will be an outbreak in another place ... until the whole country will be stirred up, trouble will be incited, and the neighboring Arab countries will be compelled to start a 'holy war' to assist the Palestinian Arabs” ... li-War.pdf

The Arab armies that attacked Israel in 1947/8 weren’t combined at all there were three separate commands, Egyptian, Jordanian and Syrian and the Mufti’s genius was to choose an Iraqi leader – whom everyone then rejected adding to the chaos. He appointed himself supreme leader and had a number of loyal commanders reporting to him who the had been trained in Germany by the Nazi’s. One, Hasan Salama, had superb DNA because his son was responsible for the Munich Olympic Massacre of civilians – about as successful as his father – hopeless but bloody. Another was Husseini’s nephew – brutal, disorganized and unskilled but certainly the best – Abd al-Qadir al-Husayni, who had strong Nazi connections including actual participation in the Nazi led coup in 1941 to bring down the allied supported Iraqi government and replace it with a Nazi puppet with oil. He failed in spades on both occasions but had arms dripping with blood.

Israel organized itself from scratch and under a single command. Unlike the trained and professional Arab armies (which could barely face the right direction) Israel enjoyed using women to defeat these Arab Lions.

Jewish Haganah women who defile Islam and the sanctity of Muslim land.


Young Israeli men and women civilians fought together and a country of 1 million routed the armies of 100 million. It was the greatest victory in history or the worst defeat by countries 100 times larger – not that Egypt will ever admit to that. The mixing of men and women in war is a sin – in the view of some who are expert in war.


(This is arguable) One of the major reasons for the shocking Arab defeat in 47’48 was distrust of the Mufti by the Arab countries and therefore of the Palestinian cause. Another was that the Mufti demanded personal control over all the Arab Armies to fight Israel. He didn’t actually get it and therefore there were 3 or more armies and no co-ordination of effort. Even those armies may have been smaller or less aggressive because their countries distrusted the Mufti.

His objective in this war was entirely narcissistic – to return he and his family as the hereditary rulers of Palestine. One thing is clear – a majority of living and un assassinated (by him) Palestinians did not support him and his whole life had been one of divide and rule.

During and after the war he even lost Egyptian support and no leader in the region trusted him. A lot like the Palestinian Government today.

In 48 he showed the standard negotiating position of all sensible warlords aware of their military vulnerabilities and aware of world opinion – sorry I meant to say he showed the dogmatic ranting inflexibility of all Bedlams in the region and shows why they always loose – even at :

‘It is inconceivable that Palestine will be for the Arabs and the Zionists together – it’s us or them. This is a war for life or death: Either we come out of the war victorious, or we all die.” He was also not a man of his word because they did loose but they didn’t all die – maybe mass suicides should have been ordered – beginning with the leadership.

In April ’48 his holiness appointed a Supreme General without skills he achieved little except to slaughter of his own ‘troops’ because he couldn’t organize a drink in a bar. Its arguable but his death could have led to the Palestinian defeat because several hundred thousand idiots were diverted from fighting to attend his Jerusalem funeral, possibly the largest seen to that date, during which the Israeli’s took huge swathes of Palestinian territory. The stupidity of troops attending the funeral is never admitted by the Palestinian leadership. To them defeat was always caused by Israeli evil and never by brain dead Palestinian leadership.

In 47/48 they still had Nazi support but not as you would think. In 1942 the Germans had hidden in the Western Desert substantial arms caches for the Palestinians to use in an internal uprising, presumably in Egypt, to support the German/Italian advance and destroy the allies from the rear. How many arms there was isn’t clear but what is clear is that this ‘deal’ was organized and led by Husseini, there must have been substantial practical support for it in Egypt and as usual for any Husseini or the PLO it was stuffed. In 47/48 they retrieved these arms and used them to destroy Israel/kill Jews which thanks to Husseini’s leadership they also stuffed.

On one perverse view he was Israel’s biggest asset which could also be said about all the Palestinian leadership since. The only possible exception is Ashrawi but she is now fired, was well educated, an Anglican and a woman with a sharp clever tongue.

Following the ‘47/8 disaster the Mufti did two things – alienated all the Middle East governments whilst whipping up hysterical Palestinian support for unrealistic objectives but objectives that were about his power and not the power of Jordan whom his family had always hated.

In fact, as is always the case in the region internal hysteria is mandatory if you have failed, your external friends are deserting you and the world thinks you useless. In the absence of argument, logic or evidence any a leadership that can put two words together produces hysteria – and it always works particularly in Egypt and more recently in the west. At no stage did he consider the benefits to the average Palestinian and the US Embassy thought his own people frightened of him and luke warm in their support and King Abdullah of Jordan fired him as Mufti in 1948 and excluded him from Jerusalem thinking him a lunatic.

This came back to kill King Abdullah and nearly kill Prince Hussein and very much to the point on Husseini’s Dome of the Rock– not owned by anyone but his family.

End of Part 2 of the Religious Abattoir Owner.
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Re: Nazi Genicidal Islam - Well Palestinian Part 1

Post by Hafiz »

Part 3 Husseini is a Great Religious Leader.

This lunatic had no fear that the absence of truth in his views and his many failures would catch up with him and at Karachi in 1951 he presided over a World Muslim Conference – and we think Christianity is blind to evil, its not the only one. At the same time he was conspiring to break Pakistan up by using his influence to get 5 million Pathans to secede to Afghanistan, later he was kicked out of Syria for political intrigue, still later a person of his own party, and probably with his approval, assassinates the King of Jordan at the Dome of the Rock and badly wounds Prince (later King) Hussein following which he sought protection from Jordanian retribution and travels with a retinue of 70 including three chauffer’s and two limousines and lives in a 17 room small palace in Heliopolis as the guest of that other hysteric Nasser. ... 4_0160.pdf

Again – botched plans, his subordinates are dead or injured but he escapes and lives in state.

The UN and other offers to allow immigration of some Palestinians in the west were rejected by His Holiness because if they were located in comfort in in the west his power over them would be gone and he, or Yassar, would never tolerate that loss of money/graft/UN funding/power etc. From his point of view it was better they starve where they were. One assumes he imposed this view through fear, torture and murder with no qualms. At no stage was he elected and the same is true of Arafat. The current Palestinian leader, 83 years old, was last elected 14 years ago. Nothing changes.

No one trusted him, most feared him and the Top Secret CIA report attributes dozens of assassinations to him – all Palestinians and all designed to strengthen his political and economic power.

Although the Arab League agreed with Hitler without knowing it that Husseini was wind, dangerous and incapable, Nasser continued to support him and arranged for the publication by the newspaper el Misri in 1954 in Cairo of his very popular Memoirs for wide public consumption and the book in 1957 (after Nasser started the round up and kick out of Jews – and stole all their property). This is strong evidence of Nasser’s extreme anti-Semitism verging on Nazism and the Memoirs show a shameless pride in evil by the Mufti combined with life-long attention seeking.

At this point the world knew and was disgusted by Nazism but Nasser and Husseini and the Egyptian and Syrian political leadership and al Azhar had no shame.

The Memoirs contain a less unhinged rant but are the standard of creating frenzy in the street using lies:

“British-Jewish plot to empty Palestine of Arabs, destroy the al-Aqsa Mosque, rebuild Solomon’s Temple and to expand the Zionist policy to some other Arab lands” ... -haj-amin/

There is evidence that the various editions of the Memoirs had, at Husseini’s request, the ‘benefit’ of input from Johann von Leers a friend and senior staff member of Nasser. The brief of him is he was SS, reported directly to Goebbels on anti-semitic propaganda, changed his name – as did many Nazi war Criminals in Nasser’s employee and was a known wanted war criminal.

Two of Goebbels’ Nazi propagandists, Alfred Zingler and Dr. Johann von Leers, became Mahmoud Saleh and Omar Amin respectively, working in the Egyptian Information Department. In 1955, Zingler and von Leers helped establish the virulently anti-Semitic Institute for the Study of Zionism in Cairo funded by Nasser. His specialty in Hitler’s Germany was indoctrination of school children as S.S. Hauptsturmfuhrer in the Amt IV of the Third Reich Security Service and later served Nasser as an anti-Semitic propagandist in the Ministry of Information, converted to Islam and died in Cairo in 1965

Hans Appler, another Goebbels propagandist, became Saleh Shafar who, in 1955, became an expert for an Egyptian unit specializing in anti-Jewish and anti-Zionist hate propaganda. Erich Altern, a Gestapo agent, Himmler deputy in Poland, and expert in Jewish affairs, became Ali Bella, working as a military instructor in training camps for Palestinian terrorists.

This is a small list of a vast number of Nazi’s who helped Nasser build his one party state and to assist Palestinians to exterminate Jews.

From 48-59 the Mufti was effectively the head of the All-Palestine Government which ruled over Gaza whilst Jordan, which had no time for him, ruled over the West Bank. Eventually Nasser gave up on the intriguing Mufti and he abolished the All Palestine Government because he thought it mismanaged – which it was and still is.

The Mufti then fled to Lebanon where he lived in great state, produced speeches and sermons which threw petrol on the flagging fires of his failed career and showed no interest in the practical problems of the Palestinian people.

It is often forgotten that Egypt ruled Gaza from ’59 to ’67 – but not well, following which their army lost Gaza to Israel – as they always do. The Palestinian response to this was to ‘elect’ the blood thirsty, corrupt and unstable cousin of the Mufti, Yasser Arafat, who, alas, was only able to hold this position for 35 years of failure and mistakes. He should have had another 30 years.

The Mufti died in Beirut in ’74, his funeral attended by his nephew, Arafat, as the lead mourner, his luxury villa and papers later pillaged by looters. Spot Arafat in this photo of the funeral near the Mufti of Lebanon who thought Husseini a great man – who achieved worse than nothing except lots of blood and hate.


In Palestine he is still a revered and respected memory – principally because the PLO prevents a biography, suppresses books critical of him, censors the press and has no other heroes in its heroic cause – a lot like what the Egypt Junta does to preserve its achievements – which are really disasters and stuff-ups by 3rd raters in control for 70 years.

If you think things now better Husseini’s grandson Sheikh Ekrima Sa'id Sabri was appointed the Jerusalem Mufti in 1996 by his relative Arafat only to be dismissed by the current Palestinian leadership in 2006 for saying lots of awful things like “Six million Jews dead? No way, they were much fewer,” he told an interviewer. “Let’s stop with this fairytale exploited by Israel to capture international solidarity. It is not my fault if Hitler hated Jews’ but he is still head of the Supreme Muslim Council and ranting like a mad man.

He was replaced as Mufti by Hussein, an alleged moderate, who says things like this: ‘The Hour will not come until you fight the Jews. The Jews will hide behind stones or trees. Then the stones or trees will call: Oh Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him” ... olice.html. This fool also said there was a mosque on Temple Mount 3,000 and 30,000 years ago – He said that Adam built it - and they expect people to not laugh. According to one of his sermons, in hysterical screaming tone, the Muslims will kill the Jews before judgment day.

The muck heap built by Husseini from the 20’s still festers and Khaled al-Mughrabi, one of al-Aqsa’s top preachers rants to his congregation that the Jews kidnap, torture and then ritually kill and consume the blood of children to ‘celebrate’ Passover. ... in-of-hate Omar Abu-Sarah, another of al-Aqsa’s chief preachers, has a clear idea: ISIS. “I say to the Jews loud and clear: The time for your slaughter has come,” he said in one typical sermon. The time to fight you has come. The time to kill you has come, Allah willing. We are ready for the task, we and the loyal and faithful Muslims, along with the armies of the state of the Islamic Caliphate.” This seems to accept ISIS’s proclamation of a Caliphate and all the rape and public executions that go with it.

The Jerusalem job seems to attract escapees from a sociopathic asylum with no ability to keep their mouth shut and communication style of a fervid psychotic.

Lest I be misunderstood my point is about the Palestinian/Islamic leadership – the worst in the world, not the Palestinian people or Islam generally.

Nevertheless at the top the leadership was, and may still be, rotten, incompetent and crazy. A related article, looks at the secular leadership, is long, complicated and not well written by a former senior US State Department official who worked for everyone from Regan on and dealt with Arafat personally. He illustrates the mad negotiating style and personal instability of the secular Palestinian leadership. It documents the many not unreasonable deals they rejected only to now find themselves with the worst option in 70 years.

Much of their failure is their own fault – not that they will accept responsibility for this whilst being led by an 83 year old vegetable Abbas (last Presidential elections 14 years ago) and even older corpses on the Executive Committee – no women, but members with shocking, violent infighting. ... 022-h16ybi

Two major biographies, not unsympathetic: The Grand Mufti: Haj Amin al-Hussaini, Founder of the Palestinian National Movement by Zvi Elpeleg, Mattar The Mufti of Jerusalem: Al-Hajj Amin Al-Husayni and the Palestinian National Movement and others Icon of Evil: Hitler’s Mufti and the Rise of Radical Islam, by David G. Dalin and John F. Rothmann, Nazis, Islamists, and the Making of the Modern Middle East
by Barry Rubin, Wolfgang G. Schwanitz. ... iddle-east

The Mufti wrote an autobiography, incredibly long winded, published by a company that does tourist post cards (hopefully not exciting, dirty ones), never translated into English but stated to be in his normal style – rant with no logic or evidence.

Facts are stranger than faction and the Germany which invaded Egypt and bombed Alex is ‘commemorated’ in a museum, presumably state funded maybe by the Supreme Antiques, at Marsa. There is no museum to Montgomery of Allenby let alone the 300,000 allies that dies to protect Egypt whilst Egypt slept but took huge amounts of money for supplies and accommodation they sold to the allies. I’m sure the historians and other world class specialists in the Supreme Antiques know all about Rommel, the troops he controlled and what would have, and may actually have happened under his command.

The world is mad and after opening 40 or so years ago a museum was closed at Marsa Matrouth for the standard 9 years of massive renovations and recently re-opened. It’s the Rommel Museum and its in a cave and its like the whole Nazi rot is being resurrected.

Here are some displays that show Egyptian museum display skills at their best (the clothing must be fake as is most of the rest – a la Hawass training)


Given the Supreme Antiques are crying poor they found this money easily – but as usual not enough for a glass cleaner or proper electrician who does lights other than those needed in a day old chicken industrial hatchery.

Tasteful and interesting exhibit designs worthy of the Imperial War Museum.


“The museum's director Mohamed el-Sharkawy told Al-Monitor, 'The museum will boost tourism and create archaeological awareness among Matrouh residents.' The director is crackers and its not archaeology. They haven’t done any digging and definitely no thinking. They built 30 regional museums beginning 15 years ago that seem to have had no measurable improvement on regional tourism and the wretched Supreme Antiques web site doesn’t even list them or give addresses.

There is a local beach named by the government for Rommel but nothing for Montgomery or anyone on the winning side that stopped Rommel bombing Alexandria and Cairo, killing locals and invading Egypt.

There is a widespread popular view about Rommel. Its not true. He knew about the Final Solution and his possible involvement in Hitler’s assassination is debatable and, in any case, was part of a broader and very delayed view in the Army leadership that the war was lost, Hitler was stuffing up military strategy and a deal with the Western Allies could only be done without him. If Hitler had continued to win I doubt there would have been a plot.

He joined the Nazi Party around 1937, worked with the propagandistic Hitler Youth and knew that that his technical subordinate Werner Rauff wanted to exterminate the Jews in North Africa, including Egypt, possibly with mobile execution squads. Rauff was a real Nazi hero and invented the mobile gas vans for Jews and others and later worked along with hundreds of runaway Nazis for Nasser. Rauff may have invented the industrial scale gas chamber system. ... 02-52.html

1. Rommel and/or the SS etc had rounded up some of the Jews, Gypsies, disabled etc in Libya and Tunisia. Walter Rauuf SS the violent Jew hater was there for all to see.

2. There was an Eizenstauffen group in Rommel’s field the objective of which was to go into full killing role following the occupation of Egypt and the then expected occupation of Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

3. Rommel’s army included mass murdering Muslim regiments who had already/or later done barbaric round ups of Jews and others and killing them in the field. They also killed women and children and were supported in all of this by their resident and saintly Imam. This group of Muslim Lunatic Killers were sourced from the Balkans and owed loyalty to Husseini the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who visited and loved them. It is near certain that had Rommel won they would have been the killing threshing machine.

My guess of Rommel is the obvious – he was career army but had to entertain the Berlin monsters in his field and knew exactly what was going on and did nothing. This was the standard and far from commendable approach of other generals.

In any event, and never mentioned by Hollywood, Rommel was an avid anti-Semite who wanted them all out and wanted all their money. I await a Hollywood movie in which the Rommel character uses even a single foul anti-Semitic hate statement of the hundreds he was famous for.

The modern Hollywood view that he was part of the plot to kill Hitler is based on uncertain ‘evidence’ – but his suicide suggests involvement. There is not a skerrick of evidence that he had even a significant role nor evidence that the plot leaders knew and trusted him and would have elevated him if successful. If he was a significant part of the plot he would not have been given the option of the honorable suicide.

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